It’s SWETA WEATHA! How To Wear Sweaters & On-Sale Favorites

We’ve anxiously awaited the arrival of the colder (cozier!!!) season, and we can FINALLY say that the time is here…. It’s SWETA WEATHAAA!

Just in time to get your closet stocked for winter, Mango has 30% off on their sweaters right now! Check out our favorites below.

Four Easy Ways to Wear Sweaters in 2021

Sweaters and Leather

Wear your “sweta” with some “letha”! Everybody loves a little texture in an outfit. We love the contrast and shine leather brings to the wooly-ness of a fabulous chunky sweater. 

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Sweaters and The Modern Skinny Jean

Pair your sweater with 2021’s take on the modern skinny jean.
We love the balanced appeal of a chunky silhouette on top paired with 2021’s favorite relaxed-yet-fitted bottoms.

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Sweaters Over Dresses

Throw your sweater over a dress. Yes – it’s THAT easy!
Try throwing your chunky sweater over a flowy floral or slip dress for great texture.
Looks fabulous with tall boots or booties!

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Sweaters and Wide Leg Jeans

Balance your proportion with a slimmer shoe.
Sock boots, pointed heels or delicate mules break up the wider angles to create outfit harmony!

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