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Designer Sunglasses VS. Their Dupes 2023

sunglasses dupes

This year, there’s not just one style of sunglasses that fashion lovers are obsessing over! Whether you want angular, round, tiny, oversized, colored or classic – there’s a little something for everyone in the latest eyewear for 2023. Luxury Eyewear… Is it worth it?People love the concept of affordable luxury! And what’s more affordable than a tasteful delegation of your accessories to make your outfit read more expensive? For the…

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The Mother’s Day Gift She’ll Wear With Everything

timeless heirloom jewelry for mom

Trending: Heirloom Jewelry for Mother’s Day When it comes to celebrating the Mothers in our lives, there’s nothing more sentimental than the staying power of a versatile heirloom jewelry piece. We’ve opted for two of-the-moment female owned jewelry lines that are uniquely style driven rather than “trendy”, which achieve just the right quality of timelessness we want in a perfect heirloom piece. Celebrating Mothers in Style: Meg Gallagher Personal Stylist…

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What is Quiet Luxury? LA Stylist Explains

Quiet Luxury Explained, Outfit Inspiration and More Stepping away from logo-based fashion is the rise of “Stealth Wealth”, a movement in favor of timeless pieces that speak to unique shape, tailoring and quality. This is in reference to the philosophy citing that “money talks, wealth whispers”. Quiet Luxury stands to favor the ultra-rich’s lowkey approach to luxury shopping – And from trending searchable phrases like “how to look expensive” and…

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Best Trendy Sneakers for Women 2023: Ultimate Sneaker Guide

trendy sneakers for women

If you’re looking to elevate your casual style for 2023, start with your shoe. We’ve got our list of the BEST trendy sneakers for women in 2023 right here, pegging our favorites into 5 essential categories: Classics, Performance, Trending, Designer and Eco-Friendly. Want a fresh wardrobe with head to toe trend-right for Spring and Summer 2023? Meg Gallagher can update your warm weather wardrobe with modern pieces for office, events,…

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Easy Outfit Ideas You Can Pull Off For Coachella (Or Any Music Festival)

easy to copy boho outfit ideas for festivals and Coachella

We’ve all seen the wild outfits that come from Coachella. From sparkly leotards to difficult to wear mesh pieces and giant butterfly wings – it can be hard to imagine what to actually wear to a festival when the trending pieces seem so unwearable! If you want a little more coverage, want a more understated look, or feel most confident in styles that are known to flatter, check out our…

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