Trending Fall Bags for Under $600

trending fall bags

In preparation for the change of season, a new trend-right bag can set the pace as a directional staple piece for your 2022 Fall wardrobe! As designer handbags continue to raise their prices, we love the option of non-logo driven bags that allow for unique designs, high craftsmanship and top quality without the sky-high prices.  Personal Stylist Los Angeles Meg Gallagher can help you get your wardrobe prepared for Fall 2022!…


Travel Outfits, How to Look Chic When Traveling

How to Look Chic When Traveling Finding the right traveling clothes that cover all your needs for a long plane ride can be tricky – especially when travel outfits aren’t really JUST for the plane… This same travel outfit needs to carry you from your home, to the airport, plane, taxi & uber rides, trains and everything in-between until you reach your final destination.After considering all of the varying accommodations…

How to Wear Women's Style

An Influencer’s Best Kept Secret, The Fashion Subscription Service

styling subscription service

Ever wonder how every instagram model and it-girl seems to have unlimited access to the most current bags, accessories and of the moment pieces? And have you then tried to calculate in your head how much money an influencer would have to make in order to afford so many trend-forward and luxury pieces – Only to come to the conclusion that these people MUST have an unreachable lifestyle???   Well,…

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The 2022 Summer Wardrobe Checklist

Check out our wardrobe checklist for 2022! These are the pieces you’ll want in your closet for a well-rounded modern wardrobe. Need a personal stylist‘s help to build your perfect wardrobe? Check out Meg’s Services here. SUMMER 2022 WARDROBE CHECKLIST  •  White Denim (Slim, Straight or Full Leg) •  Blue Denim (Slim, Straight or Full Leg) •  Lightweight Summer Pant (Neutral Color) • Full Leg Trouser •  Classic White Tee…

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These Bralettes Are A Wardrobe Essential

bralette cosabella

Personal Stylist Los Angeles Meg Gallagher can help you build your 2022 style, from the bare bones of proper shape wear to the most fabulous summer looks! You can check out her 2022 Summer Styling Services here. Have you ever found the perfect summer dress or lightweight summer top, only to find out that it’s totally see-through or low cut, and the only way to make it wearable is with a bralette???…

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