A Guide to the Cocktail Party

This event typically calls for a more conservative and classic fit. A great guideline for any work function is to pick an outfit you won’t be embarrassed to wear in front of your boss. (Save the skin-tight mini dresses for bachelorette parties or a girls’ night out!) If your work is in a creative or relaxed field, you should have a little more leeway with unique cuts and patterns.
It’s important to keep in mind the wedding’s venue and time of day. General guidelines: The later in the day a ceremony begins, the more elegant your cocktail dress. Steer clear of floor length gowns, but feel free to play with length and luxurious fabrics. Avoid overshadowing the bride or drawing attention to yourself with white, neon, or overly distracting brights.

 Curvy Corded Lace Cocktail Dress

Typically a night of festivities with friends or family, this is the cocktail event that’s usually more focused on having fun! Consider your host and venue. If the celebration is in a restaurant, note how upscale the establishment is. If the celebration is in a home (and you’re uncomfortable asking for clarity), opt for a simple dress or pantsuit that can be dressed up with statement jewelry. You can always slip the jewelry in your purse or pocket if you feel overdressed!

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