The Biggest Nail Color Trends for 2023-2024 Are Actually Approachable

jewelry nails color trend, photo via pinterest

The Biggest Trending Nail Colors for 2023 – 2024

The nail color trends for 2023-2024 are not only approachable, but philosophically genius. Innovative sheer jelly polish and jewelry-like chrome trends treat your nails like an actual extension of your outfit, harmoniously adding unique texture and shine to your ensemble. The rise of popularity in nudes and neutral colors speak straight to the still-fervent obsession with Quiet Luxury (that means intentionally wearable and expensive-looking), giving credence to nail polish being a sensible extension of your wardrobe.

Read on to discover the best nail color trends for 2024, and how to wear them as an extension of your outfits. Looking to rediscover your style for the new year? Check out Personal Stylist Los Angeles Meg Gallagher‘s Styling Services here.

A Pro-Tip from Stylist Meg Gallagher…

Just like with clothes, we all have nail colors that look great on our skin, or can be harder to pull off. Understanding your color palette helps directionally to make choices that are the most flattering for you! That’s why Meg recommends utilizing Color Guru, a service that analyzes your unique colors and provides you with an entire guide to your most flattering palette; which can be utilized for building your perfect wardrobe, coloring your hair, finding the correct shades of makeup and even inform your nail color decisions. You can use Meg’s discount code for 10% off your ColorGuru services. Discount Code: MegGallagher10

Pulling off Colors that Are “Hard-to-Wear”

Opting to wear a color farther off the nail at the tip, or choosing a sheer version of the nail color is a great way to test the waters with a color you aren’t used to or is outside of your color palette.

How to wear bright nail colors, photo via pinterest
Brown tipped nails color trend, photo via pinterest
Sheer Color nails, photo via pinterest
“Hard-to-wear” Orange nails made sheer, photo via @thehappysloths

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Sheer Black Nails, Just Like Hosiery

Black, navy & browns are made wearable for all with trending sheer gel formulas! Transparent black nails are akin to the gentler ways to wear black; Think of your nails like hosiery, or like an extension of this year’s hottest fashion trend – sheer layers

“Hosiery-like” black translucent nails, photo via pinterest
Sheer Brown nails, photo via pinterest

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Metallic and Chrome “Jewelry” Nails

Nails sparkle and shine like jewelry with modern formulas that keep the trend looking elevated and dimensional. Pair your nails with your jewelry to make you nails a true extension of your wardrobe!

Metallic nails outfit, photo via pinterest
Silver metal nails, photo via pinterest

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Luxe Neutrals: Camel Nails, Dove Nails and Tortoiseshell

Luxe nails to match with your cashmere sweaters, coats, sunglasses, bags and boots! Camel and dove are simple statements that work straight back to your outfit, while tortoiseshell is a newly achievable art nail created by layering lightweight sheer gel polishes that accessorize your outfit the way your favorite pair of sunglasses would. 

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Balletcore Nails, Delicate Sheers and Pearlescents

Subtle pearlescents, chiffon, tulle and rosewater jelly nails read as clean and delicate. We love these nails for chic everyday looks, especially paired with silks or rib knit baby tees/dresses. 

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 The “Almost Nudes”, Matcha, Sage, Lavender, Periwinkle, Powder Blue

Giving just a hint of color, these almost-nudes will still go with all of your neutrals. Approachable ways to wear greens, purples and blues for the person who usually sticks to classic colors.

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“Rothko Red”: Black Cherry, Berries & Bordeaux 

Popular “Rothko” deep, black cherry red is coined from Rothko’s famous “Light Red Over Black” painting of 1957. It’s both a revamped red, and another sophisticated way to pull off the black nail trend. We love this nail trend paired with oxblood, chocolate or black leather jackets. 

If Rothko’s Cherry Red-black is too “vampire”, Plummy reds are abundant for winter to still get that deeper hue without too much of the edge. These wine tones read as cozy and quiet luxury, working well as a go-to nail color all season long.

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