How to Wear: The Boyfriend Jean

Don’t we want to be this gal?  Laid back style, wearing baggy jeans and rockin’ it.  Not dumpy, not unflattering.  Just plain cool…
Let’s be honest, the boyfriend jean has a bad rap from our male counter parts.  Show me a guy who thinks they are flattering, hot or sexy.  They can be all three IF worn in the right size, styled with right shoe and you throw in a bit of attitude.
Below are how and when to wear the bf jean as well as some great styles to buy.  Always try your regular jean size as well as a size down.  The comparison will direct you in how relaxed you want the fit.  No matter the price point, there is a slouchy jean for you and your lifestyle.
Casual, Weekend, Premenstrual…
The perfect marriage….slouchy jeans and sneakers.  Comfortable for Saturday errands, coffee with a friend or a day when you just don’t want anything tight on your body (word.).
AG Drew Destroyed Boyfriend Jean
Wear to Work:  Well, creative kind of careers…
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The key for career bf wearing is to keep it  skinny.  Too much fabric looks too casual.  The essence of slouch can be very gamine when paired with a jacket and pumps.  I wear this styling for meetings.   Try it!
1969 Sexy Boyfriend
This  bf is slim with no ripping.  Love it for its purity and faded out wash.   Always make sure to cuff so you can see your ankle bones- key, key, key in the successful wearing of this style jean. The price is right-on at  $69.95!
Evening, Date Night, Girl’s Night

Who say’s these jeans don’t work for evening???  Add a bare top, strappy ankle sandals and a bit of sparkle and you are ready to hit the town.  Enough said.  Well, not enough…her cuff’s are too wide and rolled too high.  Keep cuffing narrower and closer to above the ankle bone.  Much more flattering on the leg.  Ok, now enough said!!!

Rag & Bone Dre Boyfriend Jean
Do you own a pair of Rag & Bone?  Nope, they are not cheap but, man, do they fit like a glove!  Nothing better then scoring a pair on sale.  Always a worthwhile investment.  Love this style for its wash and slim fit through the hip and thigh.  Perfect for a night on the town.
As I write this post, it will be Friday in 4 minutes so close your week in this stylish yet comfortable jean.  I am!
M x
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