What to Wear When Skiing and Aprés Ski: What to Pack for a Ski Trip

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Aprés ski, or after-ski, is the golden phrase encompassing all social activity and relaxation after hitting the slopes. We’re talking cocoa, cocktails, sharing stories by the fireplace and enjoying the mountain view in your warm knits and skiboots. Master ski style and after-ski style with men’s and women’s skiwear that is as slope-friendly as it is cozy! Read all about our favorite skiwear trends like the one piece ski suit, and shop our curated list of men’s and women’s ski resort pieces!

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Scroll to the end to shop our “stylist’s pick” list of men’s and women’s skiwear!

For more men’s and women’s skiwear inspo, check out our Pinterest Board for
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What to Wear When Skiing

The biggest rule for 2024? Note the Color.
We like to think of what to pack for a ski trip the same way we think of swimwear and eventwear, like dresses and statement suits. There are some important factors to consider, which come in the form of three questions: Is it flattering? Do I feel confident in this? Can I wear it again? 
Wearing black, white or neutral pieces can serve as an easy wear that won’t feel stale after one use. While this may sound too safe or boring to some, you could opt to make a neutral color outfit still feel fabulous by selecting pieces with subtle accents or unique details, like a fur trimmed hood or textural rib knits.

Trending Aprés Ski Outfit Ideas For Women

-Texturizing with fur, cashmere, rib knits and shearling or puffer jackets against a neutral color palette.
-Fair Isle Sweaters.
-Cozy oversized “college kid” club memorabilia sweaters.
-Incorporating ponchos into your layering. (shop the trends at the end of the article!)

images via pinterest
images via pinterest

Trending Aprés Ski Outfit Ideas For Men

-Sleek puffer jacket two piece outfits.
-Fair Isle Sweaters.
-Minimalist softshell jackets with clean lines.
-Shearling Jackets and Textural Layering (shop the trends at the end of the article!)

images via pinterest
images via pinterest

How to Dress for Skiing

A Rise in the One Piece Ski Suit, 2024’s Default Snow Outfit

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to default to this classic ski look. One piece suits are both stylish, and incredibly practical (in more ways than one!). Here’s what wins this popular skiwear piece as the title of “Most Practical”:

There are no gaps. Unlike your separates, a one piece blocks any and all air that would otherwise come through your two piece looks. If you were to ever take a tumble on the slopes, there’s no chance during your fall that any snow will get inbetween your clothes, altogether avoiding the potential of exposing your skin to the cold.
You’ll have less pieces to pack. All the guesswork is taken out of what top pairs with what bottom!

How do you go about choosing a ski suit?
There are a few main components to choosing a great onepiece.
First, identify how your body is highlighted by the suit. While a snow suit may initially seem unforgiving, there are some differences in cut, color and pattern that can change the game between pieces. 

How to Dress for Skiing

For Men, Utilize Shapes and Color Blocking.
Want to take attention away from your middle? Use color, belting and patterns to draw the eye where you want it to go. Try a look like this color block snow suit, which brings the eye up to your shoulders and face. 


For Women, Note The Waist.
To Deemphasize the Waist & Leg Lengthening:
Use color to emphasize long lines and leg lengthening, which helps to skim over your midsection!  This can work great for anyone who wants to look taller, deemphasize their midriff, or create more balance with their bodytype.
V-shape midriffs can also break up the midsection, creating a flattering illusion that cinches the waist and brings curve to the hips.

Montana Ski Suit
Obermeyer Katze Suit

To Highlight the waist, utilize belts to cinch your shape:
A lot of snow suits feature a belt in the middle, which cinches the waist and gives the piece some shape! Pay close attention to how high or low this cinched section is. If you’re a pear shape or hourglass, you’ll especially want a suit that belts at the smallest part of your waist! 

Perfect Moment Ski Suit
Cordova Ajax hooded down ski suit

Want to go full on bold?
A ski suit in one bright, flatting color could serve as a thematic look for your trip! Much like the yellow rain coats expected at every rainfall, or a superhero’s iconic costume worn on every adventure – you’ll look back fondly at photos of the fabulous ski suit you donned in winter of 2024, excitedly preparing for the next ski trip in which you’ll pull it out again and again.

Take it a step further with patterned ski suits! First, make sure to match your ski boots back to the pattern by identifying base colors and highlight colors in the pattern. For suit longevity, we love timeless patterns like animal print, houndstooth or stripes.

SHAWNA Techno fleece ski suit with articulated sleeves and knees
Houndstooth Allos Ski Suit

Men’s Aprés Ski and Skiwear Essentials

Here it is… The Coolest stuff in Mens Skiwear! Explore expertly curated picks from Holden, Fulsap, Mackage and more that update the image of aprés ski speaking equally to sport, comfort and trend. Say goodbye to awkward, chunky snow apparel and look at our selection of layers with flattering cuts and captivating colors that get the job done in style.

HOLDEN Merino wool hoodie
C.P. Shell-R Goggle jacket
Classic Sheepskin B-3 Bomber Jacket
YUKIO down ski jacket with hood
KENYON ski pant with removable suspenders
Aztech Mountain Nuke suit ski jacket
All Gender Neumel Weather Hybrid
On Cloudrock 2 Waterproof
Frei Snow Boots In Black Leather

Women’s Aprés Ski and Ski Trip Essentials

We’re living for the 2024 approach to women’s aprés ski! Our picks showcase trending women’s skiwear and layers from the coziest thermals to the chicest jackets and sweaters.

Laidback London Crochet Boots
Cashmere Joggers
Stealth Cardigan
EVERYWEAR Cashmere Wide Leg Pant
Single-Origin Cashmere Bandana
Wool and Cashmere Double-Face Cape
Cable Half Zip
BA&SH Sweater Dress
Brooke Fairisle Knit Jacket
Varley Mentone Sweater
Women’s Snowga Pants
Oversized Faux Shearling Jacket
Halfdays Ski Club Sweatshirt
Ski In Sweater
Fleecy Cashmere Sweater Vest With Precious Half Zip
En Saison Arlo Check Puffer Jacket
Goldbergh Oversize Belted Fringe Stretch Jacket
Archivio Classico Wool Cape

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