New Ways To Wear Your Coat, As Seen on Jenna Lyons

In excitement over Stylish With Jenna Lyons (Coming out on HBO Max TODAY!), we are finding inspiration in Jenna’s fabulous archive of coat style for new ways to wear and layer our winter coats!
If there’s anything Jenna’s 27-year influence as JCREW Designer and Executive has taught us, it’s that unconventional texture and bright color is far from limitation. We’ve compiled some of our favorite Lyons coat looks, as well as different ways she has styled her outer layers for maximum wearability! Use this guide to shop your own closet for new ways to wear old favorites, or check out our included links for fabulous coats to build your winter wardrobe!!!

You can watch the trailer for Stylish With Jenna Lyons here!

Bold in Animal

Jenna uses animal as a bold top layer over casual earth tones, classic stripes and everyday denim. For more iconic ensembles, we love animal with red or pink!

Furs, Fuzz and Texture!!!

A one-step layer to fabulosity! Throw a show-stopper coat over a simple white tee and jeans and you’re all done.
Feeling texturally inspired? Notice how Jenna mixes a feather skirt with a fur coat, yet keeps her ensemble casual with a simple white tee and minimal gold jewelry.

Upscale Windowpane

Make a common pattern stand out so much more by layering the pattern over a monochrome outfit in black, cream or white.

Attention to the Collar

Neutral coats in basic designs can be transformed and redefined by a unique collar, chunky necklace or scarf!

Masterful Color Mixing

Understanding winning color combinations will help you get the most out of your statement color coats. We love how Jenna pairs her statement blue coat with soft subtle shades of gold. From the champagne nude bag and subtle gold shoe to a brighter pigmented gold fringe skirt, the yellow-gold colorway remains balanced with the blues rather than fighting against them.
Check out these great color schemes on from award winning visual websites to use as a color guide for your next outfit!

Coat Styling Tips From Our Archive

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