Coat Wardrobe 101: Coast to Coast

To build a successful coat wardrobe, you have to start with the why. Why do you need a coat? For that chilled-to-the-bone winter air of NYC? For the mild winter mornings in LA? For business trips across the country? For that special night out so you don’t freeze in your dress? The reality is that you can’t solve every situation with one coat.
If you’re in NYC, chances are you need a coat that can withstand layering. And if you’re in sunny Los Angeles, you’re going to need something notably lighter. Not only is weather a factor, but your needs can change based on the occasion as well!
We’re going to show you a few of our favorite basic coat styles that cover the most common needs from coast to coast.

The All-Purpose Oversized Wool Coat

A true essential, this oversized wool coat is perfect for a commuter’s NYC layers with it’s wide armholes and chic design. We recommend purchasing this piece in basic colors to extend the wearability. Stick to black, camel, navy, maroon, olive or cream before venturing into check patterns or statement colors.

How to Care For a Wool Jacket

-Use a lint roller to clean a coat after daily wear before hanging the piece in your closet.

-When there’s a spill on your jacket, blot the spot and do not rub it! The idea is to soak up the spill and not spread it further.

-Always hang your coat on a sturdy hanger with ample space to keep the weight of the coat from stretching the shoulder areas. If packed too tightly with other items, your coat could become crumpled.

-Make sure to dry-clean your coat at the end of the season and hang in a garment bag to prevent insects from infesting the wool.

Conair Fabric Defuzzer
Wool & Cashmere Brush

The Belted Trench Coat

Best serving the fall and spring climate of San Francisco and New York, this trending coat creates a flattering shape like no other! We love duster-trench hybrids for Los Angeles that provide all the style without the rainy disposition.

How to Care For a Trench Coat

-Although care for a trench largely depends on what the piece is made out of, most trenches are much more machine-wash friendly than other coat alternatives. Even still, it is best to dry-clean and spot clean when possible. 

-If you need to clean your waterproof jacket as well as reproofing, try this product. 

Wash n’ Proof Spray

The Cozy Puffer Coat

This is a great coat for travel that accounts for rain, snow, and proper coziness. For NYC, invest in a down puffer jacket. For Los Angeles, opt for a lightweight alternative. 

How to Care For a Down Jacket

-Aim to wash this piece 1-2 times a year and spot treat when needed. Excessive washing can cause wear and tear!

-Avoid compressing your jacket by squishing it in a backpack or travel suitcase. If too compressed, give it a low-heat tumble in the dryer and hang it up as soon as possible. 

-Keep this piece from getting soaked, as it takes a LOT of time to dry!

-Feathers sticking out of your jacket? Don’t pull them out – push them back in! See these patching instructions by

The Going Out Coat

These are the coats that are fashion forward with the sole purpose of adding a fabulous top layer to your ensemble. Great for events, nights out and statement outfits!

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