Loafers, Trending Spring Shoe of 2020

Meet the loafer, the shoe trending in Spring 2020 footwear! This shoe is walkable, office-friendly, and surprisingly versatile. Read on for three ways to style this smart silhouette.

Pair it with Jeans

Loafers are the perfect in-betweener for those casual jeans outfits that need an extra bump towards sophistication. Swap the sneakers for loafers, add a blazer or light trench and you’re ready to stroll the streets in style!

Leather n’ Loafers

Who knew that loafers would provide the perfect duality for your leather jacket? Reel in the punk with a bit of prep for a balanced outfit like no other.

Rock the Sock

What may seem somewhat satirical as a classic fashion “don’t” – bearing your sock has evolved into a boundary-breaking fashion “do”! Utilize sock color to work back to colors within your outfit. This can be applied not only to loafers, but most any other ankle-bearing shoe!

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Shop Loafers:

The Modern Tassel Loafer
Dr. Martens Black Adrian Loafers
Platino Beya Loafers
The Light Loafers
Tux Slip-Ons
The Rock Mid Heel Loafers
The Scuola in Luggage
Schutz Flor Loafer
Pointed Toe Loafer Pump
Vince Lela Loafers
Veronica Beard Griffin Loafers
Linnie Bit Mule
The Sacca Donna
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