The It-Necklace You’ll Wear Daily

In recent months, accessories have served us well as the ULTIMATE style hack! We LOVE the ability to define style through accessories, no matter how we’ve been working or how long it’s been since we last shopped for new outfits!!! That’s why modern coin-piece and charm necklaces have our eye this week… This is the transformative piece everyone needs for right now.
A good statement necklace can be a game-changer for Zoom calls. Just like great lighting, it tends to add a little more sparkle to your frame, hide aging on the neck and add a healthy glow to the face. A necklace can also work double-duty to elevate an informal WFH ensemble!
Layer necklaces together for interesting texture, or go with one bold piece at a time. Use your new accessory to revamp a blouse from last season. With so many uses for these it-necklaces, the cost-per-wear is reason enough to consider buying one (or two, or three)!


Check out ultramodern hearts, charms and minimalist coin pieces!

The Best Is Yet To Come Necklace
Against All Odds Necklace
Cady Lariat Necklace
Vintage Coin Necklace
Banks Mixed Coin Necklace
Maverick Necklace
Plot Twist Charm Necklace
Warrior Pendant Necklace
The Happy Flower Coin Necklace
Around The World Necklace
Smooth Sailing Necklace
Sunshine & Lemonade Necklace
Carpe Diem gold-plated charm necklace
Sunrise Pendant Necklace
Yvonne Leon Heart Charm Necklace
Heart Pendant Necklace
Apollo Coin Necklace
Alighieri Coin Pendant Necklace
Serendipity Necklace
You Are The Best Thing Necklace
Personalized Heart Charm Necklace
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