Denim Public Service Announcement: Flares for Fall


The Culotte
Fitted Flare
Cropped Wide Leg Flare
Cropped Skinny 

Hemming Tips:

Different styles of denim are making an impact this fall season and with them, come the responsibility to hem longer pairs. Trust us, once you find that single glorious pair you just want to wear over and over again, hemming will seem very necessary. After all, it’s where the hem line hits your shoe, that can make or break a good pair of denim. Specifically, billowing silhouettes are really having a moment right now so here’s where to take up that excess fabric. First, one should bring her most worn heels or platforms to the tailor…Not flats!!! Second, fold in the bottom fabric to fall about one centimeter from the floor just barley scraping it. Have your tailor pin it here and stand back to take a look. You’ll want to walk around a bit to see if they are still hovering just above the floor. Lastly, once you have them pinned ask your tailor to reattach the original hem to keep them looking untouched. Now go out and rock those flares girl!

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