Who Say’s Sparkle is Just for Night? Embrace Shine, Glitz & Glitter at Any Hour of the Day!

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Everyone has a different perception of dressed up (or over-dressed to some)…but why does sparkle have to be relegated to evening?  Why not wear it for day?  We invest in these shiny pieces and covet then for holiday time and certain soirees but why not wear your best back to something casual and hit the streets aglow???
 emerson frye silver layering skirt
photo courtesy of whowhatwear.com
These piallette (pie-et- large flat sequins that you sew on at the top not center ) beauties are not for everyone but how can you not have a smile on your face when your legs twinkle.

photo courtesy of style.com
Throw on some tights (or not pending climate) and these sparkly shorts become a seasonless look.  So very LA….
photo courtesy of style.com
An oversized magenta glitter clutch is the perfect pop to any day outfit.  Pink pairs so beautifully with military green.
j.crew darby sequin loafer
Why would you not get a pair?  Pop your all black outfit with a bit of silver pizazz on your tootsies.  Remember that metallic colors work as neutrals.  A perfect combo with color. 
gap metallic shrunken sweatshirt
For those of you thinking….’How do I wear midnight blue glitter back to denim- I’ll be in navy head to toe’?  Pair this sweatshirt with distressed boyfriend’s, or even better back to camouflage jeans, grey ankle boots and fuschia fuzzy scarf.  
Wicked, r i g h t!
coach’s madison zip clutch
Have you seen Coach’s new line???  No more bling and logos, just alot of sophisticated styling and fabulous textures.  Why not grab this clutch over plain black to meet for morning coffee?

coach’s hollis heel
What I love about these single soled pumps is that work perfectly day into night.  Pair them with leather leggings and a chunky sweater for work then head out in your fave LBD for evening.

ONE by la mason glass zippered jacket
Love the term ‘glass’ for sequins… Take off your leather and don an emerald sequin bomber.
I want both of these pieces except that, for the life of me, I can not remember where I found them.  Frustrating!  Rock either with something soft and casual and flip your ok outfit to fabulous. (will update with shopping links asap.)

kate spade cuckoo owl slippers

Is it cuckoo to sparkle in your loungewear?  Why not, I say!!  Sit at your desk or curl up on the couch with a book and revel in your own fabulous style.

emerson frye layering metallic skirt
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Emerson Frye.  I have sartorial envy when I look through their site.  Modern, edgy, yet classic styling.  This skirt works for lunch, the office or on a Saturday night.  Check them out!

anthropologie nova pant
Give me one good reason why you should not buy glittery jogging pants….
photo courtesy or harpers bazar.com

So after all of the fabulous ideas of how to incorporate a bit of glitz and glimmer into your day look, you may just want to go with a touch of gold, bronze or rose gold to your lid or lip.  And that is a-ok with me!
However you decide to amp up faceted style, do it with confidence and remember that Sparkle is the New Day.

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