Givenchy Spring 2016

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On September 11th , Riccardo Tsichi, showed his Spring 2016 collection at Pier 26 in NYC.  The runway was a sea of black and white incorporating women’s ready to wear, couture and men’s wear.  Directed by Marina Abramovic, she expertly showcased the collection while quietly honoring the day with dramatically soulful live singing.  Pat McGrath led makeup and hair- highlighted were the bejeweled masks that took 7 hours to create.
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 The big buzz words of the evening were black, white & lace- Boudoir Menswear.  Lots of long layered satin/lace camisoles paired over full leg trousers.
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The menswear was minimal in head to toe black or white.  Long tunics layered under3/4 coat tuxedos adding a freshness in silhouette.
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Velvet contrasted by tight mini ruffles.  Who will wear this???
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Bejeweled faces paired with allover textural reptile on sheer.
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Chandelier shoes….

For full video coverage of the show go to  Does the live singing out shine the collection????
More to come…
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