Color Wave

Who’s buying black pants theses days? ‘Not I, said the fly’.  The current trend is all about color.   But are people willing to commit to buying a cobalt overcoat or red denim?  It’s so much safer and less scary to buy all black.  Black is practical, slimming and has longevity in the closet.  But does it make you feel the way you do when you rock a fuschia pencil skirt w/ animal pumps???  Not so sure…
So I defer to Sarah Mower’s article in September 2011, Vogue magazine, titled, Palette Cleansing.  She cites how this whole color explosion started during last February’s Fashion Week when gals walked into shows in red trousers.  Who doesn’t do a double take when they see someone with red legs?  And by the way, who doesn’t assume that person has a whole lot of confidence in mind AND body.  Mower then raised a point of how two major fashion changes happen per decade.  In the 90’s it was McQueen’s bum trouser (may I note we are still wearing low hip styles) and the Fendi Baguette bag that started the It-Bag phenomenon (I gave up on that one years ago- $1500 for a bag is just not my thing).  The 2000’s have been all about dresses (from body-con’s to maxi’s) and shoes (the platform being the strongest).   Mower is predicting the 20-teens will bring lots of long-lasting color from coats, dresses, to bottoms and accessories.  Hmmm…
I have to say this article stuck with me.  Decade trends– what a concept!  I study trends on a daily basis yet I never categorized them by decades.  Fashion has such a larger impact on life then most of us realize.  It’s what we wear; our armor, our confidence, our secondary voice after those first few seconds of meeting someone.  Fashion trickles into music, home, cars, social, business and our personal lives.  Some people feel fashion is too much effort and superficial.  I view fashion as a powerful tool that propels our individualism.  Personal style influences us physically (well, i look amazing in these platform booties! My legs go on forever!); to emotionally (feeling strong outside = feeling strong inside).  So I am going to view the Color Wave as a decade of strength, confidence and a whole lot of guts.  Red pants, green pants, blue pants, you have to wear them to win it.

As a side note…don’t get rid of your black closet, just make it the canvas for your closet of color.  Green blazer, fuschia tank, black pencil skirt and, of course, animal platforms!

Photo courtesy of Vogue, September, 2011

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