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K/ller Fall 2011

NYC is a mecca of inspiration, especially for a personal stylist like me.  This past work trip to NYC I had the whole day to myself. I packed the day full, starting with a visit to the K/ller design studios in Willamsburg, Brooklyn where I met the two rad head designers Katie McGuire-DeGuzman and Michael Miller.  They walked me through their fall 2011 line,
allowing me to touch, try-on and photo their fabulous pieces.  I happen to have already been gifted with a pair of their Porcupine Quill earrings (by my man) but was loving the leather knotted necklaces and dipped quill drops.  It was just too much creativity in one room…..

Check out their site,

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Love them forever!
They sell to a few fab stores in NYC and Brooklyn.  Looking forward to their line coming West.
While the skies poured rain my new friend, Katie McGuire, and I got down to extensive chatting over octopus salad and vino.  So much in common between friends, schooling and design.  Loved every minute of our lunch. You just can’t go wrong at Aurora on a rainy day.  
My trek thru the Burg continues onto North 3rd street.  I stop in for a chocolate tasting at Mast Bros.   I was NOT prepared for how unbelievable the chocolates taste (the Hazelnut and Fleur de Sel were two faves) and how beautiful the printed papers are that wrap the bars.  After scooping up gifts for people of like-minded chocolate obsessions, I pop into the Art Library

This was by far the coolest, most inspiring place on my trip.  You apply (right there and then) for a library card, you then choose sketchbooks from categories.  A librarian then goes thru the shelves and randomly pulls a book for you, each one a sketchbook filled with original art by other members  The library travels as an exhibition during the year.  It will be hitting our neck of the woods in August.  The Gallagher-Warburton family are already planning our compilation of sketches.  All I can say is the shop is wickedly creative.  This is a must-go if you are in Willamsburg.  

From there I jumped on the train into the city to see the Daphne Guinness exhibit at The Museum at FIT.  I had read it was fab and was not disappointed (although my friend, Jen Minnitti, chair of Pratt Fashion Design found it totally predictable). Her vast collection of McQueen, Lagerfeld, Alaia and Dior were divided on mannequins by Dandyism, Armor, Chic, Evening Chic, Exoticism and Sparkle.  The handiwork of the embroideries, sequins and tailoring were riveting.  There was no plexi between you and the pieces.  There were no crowds like the Met’s exhibits.  It was quiet luxury on a very rainy day.  The exhibit is on thru Jan. 7th and it’s FREE.  Why would you not go???

Check out her Alexander McQueen video tribute.
I finished up my evening dining at Osteria Morini with a dear friend who had stories of a new marriage and a baby on the way.  Amazing how much can transpire in less then a year… The food was decadent (they know how to do baked pastas right!). and was a fabulous end to a fabulous day.  It really does not get any better then NYC.
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