Fashion’s Green Carpet Evolution

Back in March, I had the opportunity to attend the LA Art Show at the Convention Center downtown.  Quick to catch my eye were a series of fashion spread portraits taken by multi-media artist, Cristobal Valecillos. Looking closely, I began to notice some interesting details: the photos on the wall consisted of the well-known reuse, reduce, recycle logo, among others and the clothing was all made of…paper?  Now, I’ve seen this done before, but there was something about seeing it here, displayed amongst other great pieces of art, that made it stand out in a – swoon-worthy-fashion instead of a burlap-sack-loving-hippie – kinda way.  You know?  Here, you take a look…
Not long after, I stumbled upon an article in Harper’s Bazaar highlighting Livia Firth (yes, that Colin) and her Green Carpet Challenge.  The challenge being?  Procure as many glamour gals (aka: celebs) as possible to wear eco-friendly, sustainable attire on the red carpet.  Their response?  In its 3 years of existence, everyone from Cameron Diaz and Bradley Cooper have taken on the challenge and won, not to mention Prince Charles’ seal of approval and political fashion-darling, Michelle Obama’s surprise appearance at this year’s Oscars.  Gucci recently jumped on the bandwagon introducing a 2013 capsule collection.  Of course, each bag is accompanied by its own passport, certifying (by the Rainforest Alliance) its sustainable identity.
Not just a recurring theme, the fashion industry is a-changing. Seeming to finally awaken from its not-so-natural creating practices, designers, retailers and those with a voice are making up for lost time, not only accepting the go-green summoning, but establishing sustainable ways of their own to contribute to the cause and promote a much cleaner, happier, fashionable future.  What’s not to love?
Want to begin your own sustainably-fashionable future?  I can help!  Shoot me a line or call to chat.  Annnd stay tuned for next week’s Earth Day MtM post complete with ways to stay ethically fashion-forward…without breaking the bank.
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