A Look Inside… The Grammys 2012!

Every client has their own look and attitude.  Each day calls for a new style and attention to who I’m shopping for.  We consider many designers, jewelry and overall looks along the way until the fit is just so.  My 2012 Grammys client has such style and edge about her, it made finding the ensemble an adventure all in itself.  

Who – Big-wig for the 2012 Grammys 
What – The 54th Annual Grammy Awards
Where – Staples Center, Los Angeles (broadcast on CBS)
When – February 12, 2012
Why – To look fab and be comfortable while both working the event & attending the after-parties
How – Meg Gallagher, Personal Stylist

Now, let’s get down to business, shall we?

Day 1: Shopping!

As warm as it’s been in LA this past month, I’m loving leather right now and these leopard print ankle boots really pull the whole outfit together.  Adding a boyfriend cardigan to the mix makes it daytime appropriate and sunglasses are a California staple.  Let the shopping begin!

Day 2: Accessories Are Key

Accessories made easy via RentTheRunway.com!  Well…easier anyway.  Virtual shopping allows me to explore my options and visualize the client wearing them during their event.  I chose two variations of the same tone and quality for us to try during the fitting.
Day 3: Last-minute Power Shop

Isn’t there always something last-minute to do?  Luckily, I reserve a day just for this!  Bloomies is a fail-safe for undergarments and those little details no one needs to know about but you…and your stylist, of course.

Day 4: Client Fitting – A Little Something for Every Mood

The day of reckoning!  After days of planning, it’s time to present my top choices to the client and try it all on for size.  LOVE this part.  Which pieces will make the cut?  I’ve got my favorite, but what’s yours?

Day 5: Event Day!

And… (drumroll, please!)  Here’s the FINAL LOOK!  
Was it your fav?

Day 6: Returns & Relax

What a week!  Client loved her look, had a fab time and I had a blast getting everything ready for her. What’s next?  Just a quick getaway with the girls.  Stay tuned for details on my next adventure!

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    Love this! Awesome leopard print booties. 🙂

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