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This Fall 2022 Trend Redefined the Long Denim Skirt

denim midi skirt

When you think of a “denim skirt”, your mind may go to the denim mini skirts we’ve covered in years past. However, Fall 2022 has ushered in an array of new comfort-oriented trends redefining the skirt silhouette in low maintenance midi and maxi lengths! While you may recognize this long denim skirt style from the 90’s, there are some key updates to the look you should note. Check out our…

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5 Best Bodysuit Outfit Ideas In 2022

how to wear bodysuit outfit ideas

Bodysuits are trending for Fall 2022, and for a good reason! Check out all the reasons why we love this piece, and see all our favorite bodysuit outfit ideas for the office, casual wear, and going out. Check out Los Angeles Stylist Meg Gallagher’s wardrobe styling services here! Meg will help you achieve Fall and Winter ready looks for the office, date night, casual, travel and more! The Bodysuit is an Oversized…

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The BARBIECORE Aesthetic, You Won’t Believe How Wearable it Is

barbiecore aesthetic

WHAT IS THE BARBIECORE AESTHETIC? In anticipation of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie (2023), a flurry of fuchsia and baby pink outfits saturate the looks of influencers and celebrities alike under the exceptionally fabulous title BARBIECORE! While the trend may come off as over-the-top or kitschy to some, you may not want to write off the color mania just yet. There’s a very good reason for the obsession, and it’s a lot more…

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Travel Outfits, How to Look Chic When Traveling

How to Look Chic When Traveling Finding the right traveling clothes that cover all your needs for a long plane ride can be tricky – especially when travel outfits aren’t really JUST for the plane… This same travel outfit needs to carry you from your home, to the airport, plane, taxi & uber rides, trains and everything in-between until you reach your final destination.After considering all of the varying accommodations…

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Outfits for This Summer in Los Angeles

la summer outfit shorts

Deciding on ideal outfits for summer always comes down to the limitations of heat. Summer style is all about pairing down to billowy, light layers in fabrics that will keep you cool. The problem with this becomes navigating through all those pieces that are TOO thin, too short, see-through, unstructured, easy to wrinkle or are just plain unflattering. (Yuck!)Meg Gallagher Personal Stylist Los Angeles shares her top five favorite foolproof…

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