Signs That It’s Time to Refresh and Update Your Style 

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The office let you know that returning to work is inevitable. Postponed events are suddenly rescheduled to happen right and left. You haven’t seen a lot of your friends, family and coworkers in some time and you want to make a great impression upon the big “return to normal life”.
You look in your closet to plan out your outfits, and the realization hits you – you have nothing to wear. 

You think to yourself, maybe it’s time for a fashion refresh. I can get a few new pieces to revamp my style. In reality, the answer to your problems is probably a little more than just a “fashion refresh” – and there’s a big reason for that.
There’s been an entire cultural shift in fashion since the pandemic. 

The pre-pandemic clothes style of well tailored suiting, pumps and skinny jeans are officially out. 
Meg Gallagher offers personal shopper services to handle this exact sort of situation, but it’s important to understand why we’re seeing these dramatic changes in fashion, and how you can personally meet the wardrobe demands of a post-pandemic lifestyle. 

The American Psychological Association reports that weight gain and disordered eating spiked during the stress of the pandemic, resulting in a massive collective experience of unexpected bodily change.
To account for the many days at home – looser, flowing and forgiving clothing styles were favored for comfort across the country. After two years of wearing sweatpants and house shoes, the idea of wearing pumps and well tailored suiting again has completely lost relevance. 

What are We Seeing in Fashion Today?

The world has changed, and a lot of us are getting pulled back out there. How do we navigate these extreme cultural shifts in our return to work, events and social outings?

First, you’re going to identify ALL of your daily needs, work needs and expected future events – Yes, BEYOND just day-to-day and work! You may not be going to the office much yet, but you also might not fully realize the big picture of postponed up-and-coming events that will suddenly reschedule as the world reopens. Think about what you achieve in a day. Do you need fitness clothes? Do you need great tops for your zoom meetings that can carry you into your back to work wardrobe?
Pull out your calendar and identify everything that’s happening this year, including what you hope and want to happen too. Dinners, functions, weddings, events, travel, fun and everything in-between! You’ll want to build a well-rounded and thoughtful wardrobe that can handle the occasional surprise. Don’t wait for life to get too busy!!!

Once you know what kind of outfits you will need, it’s time to identify what you have in your closet.
In Meg’s process – when it comes to wardrobe reflection – she always tasks herself with a closet edit to get rid of pieces that no longer serve a purpose. 


-Get rid of pieces that don’t fit your body or don’t fit comfortably.
For two reasons:
1. Keeping pieces that don’t fit your body inevitably make you feel bad. Getting rid of lingering “guilt pieces” and filling your wardrobe with clothes that flatter your current frame supports positive self esteem and body confidence!
2. Keeping clothes that are uncomfortable is a waste of closet space! We all know you’ll never want to wear it if it doesn’t feel good! If you like how a piece looks, it’s worth replacing with a similar piece that is less itchy, less heavy, fits better, etc.

-Identify changes and get rid of pieces that are no longer relevant in your lifestyle. 
Changed your workout routine? Have a new job with a different work culture? Do outdated trend pieces fill up your wardrobe? Old event dresses that you don’t see yourself wearing again? Did you move to another state with different weather patterns? Did you go through a major life or identity change such as motherhood, marriage or divorce?
What ever the change may be, it is worth being supported and reflected through your wardrobe.

-Get rid of or store away stuffy pre-pandemic office clothes.
 Swap low waisted, tailored pencil pants for high waisted, flowy trousers. If your office is more casual, swap skinny jeans for straight leg jeans. Change your tailored blazers to oversized blazers. Trade out pumps for kitten heels and low heeled mules.

Want an in-depth step by step guide on closet edits? Click here. 

Now that your clothes are edited down, you’ll need to make a 2022 shopping list. Review Our Summer Checklist to get yourself started.

If you are ready to make a change and bring a bit more comfort and style into your business attire, consider Meg Gallagher’s Return to Office Package for purchase. Further, view my personal styling services to work with me one-on-one (or as a couple) so that you can fall back in love with a closet that fully reflects your present day career and lifestyle.

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