How To: Give Your Wardrobe a Little Love

A Tricks-of-the-Trade 

Care Guide

Sweater Care:

Fold, Fold, FOLD.  Need I say more?  Hanging a sweater stretches the fabric fibers in the shoulder and destroys its unique shape.  Keep sweaters in tip-top condition using a fabric shaver.  Removing pills safely and efficiently, the top layer is shed to prolong the life of your garments for years to come.  

Are you really going to let a few stray cat hairs ruin a perfectly good outfit??  Think again, and use this magical brush by Redecker.
Redecker Pet & Lint Brush

Shoe Repair:

Boots smashed in the nether regions of your closet?  Let them breeaaathe and give them a little love with these sturdy boots trees.  They’ll return your boots to their proper upright position and remind you why you spent so much on them in the first place.

Pedag Boost Shaft Shapers
Are your suede shoes and bags looking a little under the weather?  A quick and easy fix is rubbing a suede bar into any bumps and bruises then brushing the nap back into place.  Voilá!  Good as new.
Woodlore Suede Bar & Brush

How sad is it when you lose your closet to a rail full of wire hangers?  Yikes!  Tops and dresses hanging by one shoulder?   Pieces stretched and worn much before their expiration date??  Not to fear. These specialty hangers are available to save your loved ones (ahem, loved wardrobe pieces, that is) and your sanity.  The Basic Cedar Hangers consume more rail space and more of your hard-earned $$, but are a perfectly posh addition to your closet.  The Slimline Hangers are slim and savvy enough to fit in a few more favored items, not to mention lighter on the pocketbook.
Basic Cedar Shirt Hangers
Black Slimline Suit Hanger

Mobile Must-Have’s:

Strut your style with confidence!  I swear by these products (and my clients do too!) to get through the days & nights without a stain in sight or a button astray…

The Laundress Wash & Stain Bars

Minimergency Kit for Her

Tuck these secret weapons into your bag and take note of these easy tricks to keep your wardrobe looking fresh & fashionable for years to come.  Any additional style mysteries need solving?  Shoot me a line, let’s talk.


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