Given the gratuitous
reference above,
it’s fairly obvious that
Madison to Melrose
is in the grips of a 
guest blogger.
That would be me,
Mr. Warburton.
and dashingly handsome husband 
to our own
Meg Gallagher.
As the arm-ornament of 
a famous personal stylist
I get to go to a lot of 
really fun
(and stylish) 
And Monday night’s opening party for 
the flagship store of
The Left Shoe Company
was no exception.
Located on Melrose Place
(just off of La Cienega)
the bright new space
was filled with
well-dressed peoples… 
Delicious food and drink provided by
(i filled my pockets with the beef carpaccio)
(don’t tell Meg I filled by pockets with the beef carpaccio)
Cool floral arrangements by 
of course 
There were even dudes who’s job it was to 
hang around wearing shoes:
(no one asked me to hang around and wear shoes)
Now here’s the thing about 
The Left Shoe Company:
You can’t just walk in, pick some shoes and buy ’em.
You gotta be measured first.
And the way they do it is right out of
So I sat down and prepared to
I was told to put on these:
I suspected it was some sort of cruel joke.
Until they told me to stand on this:
And then I was all like:
Then this happened:
It wasn’t long before my feet
were digitized and uploaded
to a mysterious central server
in some dark part of the universe:
I found out all kinds of things about my feet.
Like they’re kinda narrow
my right big toe is
or something like that.
Since they can’t make custom shoes on the spot,
they gave me an approximation to try:
I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to 
wear these socks outside of the store
with your pants rolled up.
you know,

(again, no one asked me to hang around and wear shoes)
Once they have your measurements
you can pick from a variety of 
styles, leathers, soles, and colors.
And then,
six weeks later,
you’ve got your own custom
 impeccably fitted,
Pretty cool, right?
Wanna learn more about
The Left Shoe Company?
Then head over 
it was a really well put together event
capped off by some dinner
at one of our favorite
nearby restaurants,
The food there totally makes me say:

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