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Denim 101 Terminology

Word borrowed from Japanese, the term describes the selective fading alongside the ridges of the seams. In most cases it concerns the seams on the yoke, back pockets, the belt loops, and fly.
Big E 
This term denotes collector’s item from the Levi Strauss & Co. All Levi’s jeans and jackets featured a red tab with an embroidered uppercase E. Since 1971, original Levi’s red tab products have featured a lowercase ‘e’. 
 Destroyed Finish
Artfully shredded jeans, mostly done by scissors and knives, which first gained popularity during the mid 80s. 
Dry Denim 
Denim in its unwashed and untreated form. The jeans mould to the wearer’s body type and shape, creating unique wear patterns and fade marks along the way.
Type of tightly woven canvas created from medium to coarse yarns. Cotton duck is classified by weight with a heavier weight being more thick and durable.


During the process of wearing a pair of jeans, the fabric around the knee area gets repeatedly scrunched with friction, which creates fading patterns that resembles honeycombs.
  Raw Denim 
The purest form of denim. That is, denim that has not been washed, or treated in any way. Hence it is quite rigid. 
Selvedge Denim 
Narrow and tightly woven self-finished edges woven on a loom to prevent fraying and unraveling. The selvedge is usually white and it often has a colored thread in the middle, which helps recognize the different quality.
Thin horizontal fading lines you find in the crotch and thigh area of worn in jeans. Slim fitting jeans have tight, straight whiskers, while looser jeans usually have wide, more angled whiskers.  
Woad was the European version of indigo during the 16th and 17th century. In the Middle Ages woad was considered the queen of medieval dyes.  

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