Homeless-Chic: The Crafted Beauty and Vision of Madeworn

A walk through Madeworn studios…
Blaine Halvorson

Recently, Meredith and I, visited the Madeworn studios in Hollywood.  With an appointment, we  gained entrance to the gated compound of 7 buildings containing Blaine Halvorson’s art, clothes and hand cobbled shoes.  His craft style is referred to as homeless-chic.   Every piece whether clothing, shoes, furniture or art is handmade and finished; tattered, sand blasted, stone ground or hand dyed.    The space in which everything is housed is beyond words…there is a sense of pioneer woodsmen, mixed with an ancient archaeological dig, topped off with intense air of incense.  We walked through the 7 buildings in total awe.  Some rooms were purely art spaces, others incorporated wearables. Madeworn is best known for their distressed hand printed rocker tees (which is why we were there) which are housed in a replica of CBGB’s bathroom with urinals and all.
As we promised not to take pictures of the space (top secret- more reason to go!),  I am sharing photos from other written pieces.  Scroll through to get a feeling for the incredible craftsmanship and aritistic vision.
Studio Space
Clothing & Shoes by Madeworn
Hand Cobbled Shoes
Skull Wall Art Made Out of Smoked Cigarettes
Madeworn Pop Up Shop in Maxfield’s LA
This experience is not for everyone but for one who is looking for craftsmanship, purity and a dedication to artistic vision.
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