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I felt the need to share the products that make my world go round.  All of the items below were referred to by friends, sales people or experts.  Feel free to tell me what you love!

This skin care line is above and beyond!  The quality and results are amazing.  Sadly, the price tag is painful.  I love the Diamond line but equally love their tinted moisturizer, The Cure.  Sheer, yet gives coverage that leaves your skin aglow.   Neiman’s carries it.  Try a tester.  You will be a convert.  Natura Bisse gives La Prairie a run for their money…
I definitely need under eye coverage.  Who doesn’t?  Makeup artist, Mary Freitag (she does hair too!), highly recommended Tarte’s Creaseless Concealer when she gave me a makeup tutorial this fall.  This stuff is brilliant!!  Thick enough for coverage but lightweight and invisible.  I apply this under the eye then blend it with The Cure from above.  Perfect for imperfections or redness.
Great coverage, no clumps, does not irritate.  I wear contacts so I’ve tested many a mascara.  To me, mascara is all about texture preference.  I don’t want to feel it on my lid or lashes.  Period.
This is one of my most recent discoveries.  I was turned on to Laura Mercier when Jen and I went the the Golden Globe Netflix party in January.  The Mercier products were a gift in the ladies room.  Jen was over the moon at the thought of free Mercier, I was excited but unconvinced.  Until I used their Lip Glace.  Perfection!!!!  Not sticky, gooey or overly shiny.  I apply on top of my lip pencil.  
F A B U L O U S N E S S!
Ok….who’s knows about Vinyl?  I DO said this fly!  My manicurist had me try it last summer.  It falls somewhere in between a gel and regular polish.  Compared to gel, there is no thickness of color on the nail, no ridge grow-out or horrible soaking and scraping to remove.  Vinyl acts purely like a regular polish.  A manicure lasts about 10 days with little to no chipping.   Minimal color selection but plenty to see you through a season of color trends.  Bye, bye OPI!
I used Terax for years and then walked away…..Why, why, why!!!!
Life in LA is killer on your hair,  The sun, the water, the pools, the SUN!  Brutal.  I recently went back to Terax and saw an immediate  difference.  Huge reduction in breakage and split ends.  I use it every time I wash my hair.  Its gentle, retains hair color and you only need a dime size amount.  Money well spent.  Nothin’ else to say.  Try it.
All I can think of is PSSSSSST! the 70’s version of dry shampoo.  Its come a long way since then.   Furterer is super lightweight.  Doesn’t give a white build-up on your hair and smells quite lovely.  I usually flip my head, shake and give a good spray.  Then I hit it with the blow dryer for a few secs.  Resuscitates my flattened waves and adds body instantly.  Hairstylists use dry shampoo to create overall dimension and texture to up-do’s and back combs.  Industry trick.
 Referrals are the best way to learn about new beauty products so share the product love.  Try one, try them all.  
Happy Friday!

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