Warby Parker Shopping w/ My Man: Specs & Libations

Hey there!
It’s me.
Sooper-powered animator
and sooper lucky husband to
Meg Gallagher.

It feels like just yesterday when 
I was fighting for my life,
battling the evil 
There were lasers!
Meat seeking missiles!
And lots of 

It looked kinda like this:
I won of course.
But Optomotron got in a lucky shot
and damaged my
Corneal Optic Refractor Lens.
Meg Gallagher cutting in here to say
that what Tommy means is that 
he’s getting older….
The damage to my eyes was manageable.
I could still shoot lasers and see through walls
but reading Pokemon cards 
was getting difficult:

In other words,
Mr. Squinty Pants was squinting too much and needed readers.
Having had glasses since I was 7, 
I felt no sorrow for Mr. 20/20.
Finding a place to
fix sooper eyes like mine was
going to be difficult.
Was I
to a life of 
blurry words! 
I thought Warby Parker would be the perfect shopping destination.  
Cool frames, great prices (frames are under $149), and fast service.  
They also have amazing selection and service at 
for those peeps not lucky enough 
to have a Warby in their hood.
After years of research
I decided that
Warby Parker 
was the
scientific solution for my eyes.
After all,
is very close to
And our son is named

WP is located in the Standard Hotel in DTLA and in the Standard in Hollywood .  
We opted for Hollywood as they have a larger selection of frames. 
And just like that 
spec shopping became date night!

We got to the store and 
there were
(not really…)
(really not really…)
of glasses on display!
I’m not easily intimidated…
but it looked like this might be one of my 
most difficult battles ever!

WP goes for the retro look; hipster, nerdy in heavier style frames.   
Am loving the Wheeler wood frame shades 
from the Palm Canyon collection for this spring 2014.
I dove right in,
trying on style after style
of optical framework:

It was grueling!
Just when I thought I might collapse,
along came a sooper pal to help out:

We filled Cole in on what we were looking for 
and told her that we were writing a blog post (together!).  
She was totally in for the fun!
After trying on almost
60,000 pairs of glasses 
(like 20, maybe…)
my powers were depleted!
But then 
Sooper Cole 
came to the rescue with her mighty
Actually, that was a 
It measures the distance between your pupils 
to make sure your prescription works best.
With my powers restored
I was ready to try on
The battle raged on!
And then suddenly…
I found the right glasses!
These (the Greeley) were actually the fourth pair he tried on.  
Love metal frames on Tommy.  
They suit his coloring and work well with his skin tone.  
Low contrast is best and the rectangular shape works well with his face shape.    
E L O N G A T I N G 
rather then 
At last,
the battle was over.
I was lucky to come out alive.
But I could’t have done it without
Warby Parker! 
(or me!)
Seriously, we were in and out in 25 minutes 
(including our photo shoot).  
Super friendly help (Cole and her buddies)
and a cool selection of glasses 
created the perfect scenario to buy more then one pair.
I could have used another blast from the
Optical Power Regenerator
before we left.
But Meg and I opted for an
adult beverage at the 
Standard Hotel Bar
The 25 minutes of intense eyeglass shopping left us thirsty 
and yearning for a cocktail from the Cactus Lounge.  
Then we headed to Son of a Gun for an amazing dinner (no joke).  
FYI…its all about the hamachi and chicken sandwich.
Happy Valentine’s Day.  
Its #19 for us!
mr. warburton
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