How to Navigate Sales, LA/NYC Stylist Tells All

New Years Sales are vast, exciting and just like that – easily picked over.
A week from now, most all of it will be gone. How do you successfully navigate fast-paced sales without getting overwhelmed? What’s the secret to buying the RIGHT pieces for your closet!? Check out our foolproof guide to shopping online and in-person sales below!

Setting Up Your Shopping List

When shopping sale items, your most successful method is to make a shopping list to identify what your closet needs, and what will build upon your existing wardrobe. Think of it like a grocery shopping list. These are your ingredients to make successful outfits. Without this first initial step of planning, you risk wasting your money on pieces that serve no purpose – and worst of all, remain unworn and forgotten!

Step 1: Identify Your Closet Essentials

Check out our list of Winter Essentials!
Identify if you are missing any pieces that create a strong foundational wardrobe. Make sure that your essentials are in good condition and that the fit is correct if your weight has fluctuated. Sales are a great time to replace pieces that are worn down or no longer fit correctly.

Step 2: Shop for Your Lifestyle

Think about your day and everything your schedule includes. Think about your hobbies and what you like to do in your spare time! Even if your activities are home-based, you deserve comfortable pieces that make you look and feel your best! Add any activity-based pieces unaccounted for in your wardrobe essentials or existing closet to your shopping list.

For example, here is Meg’s day and how she builds her wardrobe around it!

Meg’s lifestyle in a 7 day week:

Meg does Pilates 5 times a week. She builds a fitness wardrobe of fabulous sports bras, tights, sneakers and hoodies that promotes stylish comfortability. Because Meg looks good, she FEELS good and her performance is the best it can be.

Meg works from home. Getting dressed up helps Meg create a start to her day, but she also wants an easiness to her pieces to keep her comfortable at her desk. She invests in #wfh pieces like cozy sweaters and knits, which promote comfort and structure.

Meg works with Clients. When Meg goes out to shop for clients, she has a stylishly curated wardrobe that speaks to her profession, and a well-thought mask collection to match her outfits!

Meg spends evenings on her patio, and has dinner with her family in the backyard. She has warm blanket scarves, shirt jackets and sweaters to support her in the chilly evenings outside.

The Best Things to Buy on Sale

What To Buy

Sales are a great time to buy high quality items you usually cannot afford. Leather goods, cashmere and Italian wool are great investments. They’re built to last and you can SEE the quality!

Accessories always have HUGE markdowns. Take advantage of ultra-low prices & get a coin necklace, some hoops, new hats, gloves, etc.! These are the pieces you can use to extend the life of your basics and transform them into something new.

Fitness clothing is almost always over-priced and gets heavily marked down in sale. Being that these pieces are constantly being worn, washed & stretched – it’s good to grab high quality fitness at a lower cost.

What to Avoid?

Beware of final sale pieces that you can’t try on. Even if it’s a brand you’re familiar with – certain pieces might have a defect in cut or fit! There’s no way to know for sure without trying it on.

Avoid pieces that have poor reviews online. Read what other people are saying about the fit and how the piece met or failed their expectations. See if you can find photos of people wearing the piece to get an idea of what it may look like on you!

Do NOT buy pieces that don’t currently fit you, ESPECIALLY with the intention of losing weight to fit into it! Even if it’s a piece you’ve always wanted, it’s of no value to you if you can’t wear it. If you are wanting to buy a piece that’s too big, make sure it is something you can tailor, and set aside an appointed time to make it happen.

Do NOT buy pieces that don’t fit your lifestyle! If you can’t realistically think of where you’d wear it, you probably never will. Be honest with yourself and put your money towards pieces that you can wear and enjoy!

Tips & Tricks for Successful Shopping

Online Shopping

Before purchasing ANYTHING, make certain you’re aware of the return policy and repercussions of buying, removing packaging and trying on items.

Buy multiple sizes so the size you need doesn’t sell out! This allows you to properly compare fit, and simply return what you don’t need without risking your size running out of stock.

If there are similar pieces that serve the same purpose but vary slightly in pattern, color or style, it doesn’t hurt to buy both pieces so you can decide in person which better serves your wardrobe. Simply return the other piece once you decide which one you prefer!

In-Store Shopping

Just because something isn’t available online, doesn’t mean it isn’t in store! Ask an associate and they may be able to track the item down or see if it’s in a surrounding store.

Wear a crossbody for hands-free shopping.

Most stores don’t currently have changing rooms available, but DO allow you to hold pieces up to a mirror! Wear slim pieces like leggings and tank tops so you can better envision how coats, cardigans or blazers would fit in person.

Shop the Sales

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