Designer Sunglasses VS. Their Dupes 2023

This year, there’s not just one style of sunglasses that fashion lovers are obsessing over! Whether you want angular, round, tiny, oversized, colored or classic – there’s a little something for everyone in the latest eyewear for 2023.

Luxury Eyewear… Is it worth it?
People love the concept of affordable luxury! And what’s more affordable than a tasteful delegation of your accessories to make your outfit read more expensive? For the same reasons Quiet Luxury took the internet by storm, a popular outfit-boosting technique for summer has formed around luxury sunglasses: Take an otherwise price-modest outfit, top it off with designer sunglasses. It’s almost too easy!
According to statistics, worldwide interest in luxury eyewear is continuing to grow, with expected revenue to also grow annually.
That being said, we’ve decided to compare trending luxury sunglasses with their equivalent dupe pairs that just so happen to be under $100. Whether you want your sunglasses to be luxury, or just look like luxury, we have side-by-side comparisons of trending internet favorites below.

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Clueless on what frames suit your face shape? We love this article by The Everygirl:

Shop Luxury Sunglasses vs. Under $100 Dupes Below

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