Bonobos Guide Shop on La Brea: A New Way to Shop for Men

The Bonobos Guideshop is the latest addition to LaBrea’s men’s row (they called it a Brotique). Tommy and I decided to make a night out of finding exactly what a Guideshop is. We were warmly welcomed by their styling team who offered us a beer or water at the door. (no wine or whiskey, we asked!)

Bonobos were, until recently, strictly an online site.  But after continued requests from customers to try on the clothes before purchasing, they created their Guideshop; a place to try on their clothes, perfect the fit, and then have their in-house stylist order everything online and have it delivered to your door.  


Bonobos started with their chinos.  They have a huge range of colors and come in two leg styles; slim straight or straight leg. Their cut is known to be stylishly slim but still accommodates for a more ample thigh or butt then some of the other chino labels (the stylist described inferior chinos as having “diaper butt”).


The contoured waistband is a signature element of their fit.  Curves to the body.  No awkward gaping.


 Bonobos now has an entire clothing collection like this novelty printed slim blazer. We loved this Paisley Camo style.


A rack of Summer Weight shirts in bold colors, patterns and prints.


They carry Surfside Board Shorts in 3 leg lengths; 5″, 7″ and 9″.  Length choice is really a personal preference but mainly depends on a guy’s height and length of top thigh. It’s all and how much leg muscle you want to show!

The stylists measured Tommy at a 16 1/2″x 35″ shirt size.  After trying on many shirting fits we concluded that the tailored slim was by far our favorite.  Long enough in the body but with a slim torso and sleeve. We then picked patterns, and the stylist placed our order online.


A fun bit of tech in the shop is the Selfie Booth in the dressing room. You’re able to take pics of your favorite pieces or outfits, and then print or e-mail them; to yourself or a special someone for advice or gift suggestions!


Here’s Tommy’s selfie with a tailored slim shirt!


And Blogger Meg’s selfie! They don’t have a women’s line, but I love this dress from Free People!


It took a week for our package to arrive but you can expedite faster shipping if you’re under a time crunch.


This was what was inside! The Americano Bright Blue shirt in the Tailored Slim Fit & The Purple Gingham Summer Weight shirt in the Slim Fit Check out Bonobos online or visit one of their Guideshops in 12 cities across the USA.


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