An Influencer’s Best Kept Secret, The Fashion Subscription Service

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Ever wonder how every instagram model and it-girl seems to have unlimited access to the most current bags, accessories and of the moment pieces? And have you then tried to calculate in your head how much money an influencer would have to make in order to afford so many trend-forward and luxury pieces – Only to come to the conclusion that these people MUST have an unreachable lifestyle???  

Well, it turns out that the cost for this so-called unreachable lifestyle is actually pretty affordable.
Here’s the secret… luxury fashion subscription and rental services.

What Exactly is the Purpose of a Fashion Subscription Service?

Fashion and Luxury subscription services allow for access to your pick of high-quality trending pieces to insert into your wardrobe each month at once set price. You then return the pieces for new looks to have in the following month, and so on. This keeps your wardrobe fresh, allows you to stay ahead of the trend, find new ways to wear and pair your existing pieces, and discourages wardrobe clutter/buildup from collecting experimental or trend pieces. 

These subscription services are great for people who are interested in inserting trend into their outfits, enjoy a minimalist closet, are attempting to figure out their style, or feel a constant need for newness in their wardrobe. Each membership works a little differently – So let’s walk you through our favorite services with an overview of their strengths, quirks and how it all works.

If you’re interested in developing a strong minimalist base wardrobe to support inserting trend through subscription services, check out Meg Gallagher‘s styling services here. For more shopping inspiration, see our latest blog posts here.

Why We Love: Impressive Collection for Everyday Pieces

Nuuly provides an easy to understand, no fuss 1-plan subscription service of 6 items for $88 per month. Get your fill of it-girl pieces from brands like AGOLDE, Citizens of Humanity, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Anthropologie and so much more. Laundry and Dry Cleaning included, No late fees or damage fees, buy what you love & pause or cancel any time!
You can check out Nuuly’s Memberships and Collection Here:

Why We Love: Luxury Bags

Never worry about closet space for your bags again with Vivrelle’s Luxury Bag and Jewelry Subscription!
You can choose to swap out items monthly, or simply keep an item until you’re ready to move on (or purchase) the piece. Free express shipping & returns. All items come with standard insurance that protects you against normal wear & tear. Premium insurance is available for an additional charge.
Subscriptions run from $39 per month to $279 per month for luxury jewelry and bags with retail value from $1,000 to $4,000 depending on the subscribed level.
You can view Vivrelle’s full rental collection and memberships here:

Rent The Runway
Why We Love: Huge Collection for Individual Rental and Subscription 

With an impressively large database of pieces, you can rent items individually as needed or get discounted access to multiple pieces via subscription! Your first trial month is as low as $69. All rentals arrive ready-to-wear – Shipping and dry cleaning are always included! 
You get your pick from tens of thousands of designer styles for any occasion, without paying designer prices. We love the well organized site navigation that makes it easy to find desired pieces within their massive collection.
You can check out Rent The Runway’s Memberships and Collection Here: 

Nova Octo
Why We Love: Fantastic Formalwear Rentals

Nova Octo is an Event Piece Rental Service that solves the problem of buying an expensive outfit you’ll only wear once. Simply rent the piece you need, have access to it for your event and place the piece back in it’s provided box to be picked up by a courier. 
You can check out Nova Octo’s Collection Here: 

Why We Love It: Great Subscription for Workwear Pieces

Try any subscription for the starting price of $69-$139 for the first month, depending on which tier you choose. Most notably is their Unlimited Plan – “The Wardrobe Replacer”, which allows you to Rent 6 items at a time with unlimited access  – Meaning you can return and replace your 6 items as many times within the month as you would like! Their brand database includes Rag & Bone, Joie, Diane Von Furstenberg, Scotch & Soda, Paige and more! Armoire’s subscriptions include free shipping/returns, access to their 75,000+ item inventory, coverage of minor damages, free cleaning and laundry and membership cancellation at any time.
You can check out Armoire’s Memberships Here: 

Need help building a minimalistic base wardrobe to pair all your trend-forward rental pieces with??
Personal Stylist Meg Gallagher can help you build your 2022 style!
Check out her women’s styling services here.

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