Introducing 5 Brands You Haven’t Heard Of, Exclusive Collections Thru Meg’s New Partnership!

Personal Stylist Meg Gallagher has teamed up with The Reset Agency to give her clients a brand new shopping experience.

Want to use The Reset Agency in your next styling session? Check out NYC & Los Angeles Personal Stylist Meg Gallagher’s wardrobe styling services here.

Exclusive Access to Designer Favorites

Within The Reset Agency’s extensive online roster of participating luxury designers, you have private password-locked access to entire collections of well loved it-brands that are otherwise difficult to find in stock online or in stores! Take advantage of complete access to collections of familiar favorites like Khaite, Brandon Maxwell and Dior.

Picture of the Exclusive-Access Reset Agency Shopping Site

How Does it Work?
Through Meg Gallagher’s styling services, Meg’s stylist partnership allows her to pull exclusive pieces for you from The Reset Agency’s online database and have them shipped to your door for you to try on in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

1. You only pay for what you keep. When pieces are sent your way for you to try on, there are NO charges on your card until you have sent back the pieces you don’t want! Only after you send back what you don’t want, you will be charged for what you keep. (Free shipping, and no returns after you choose what to keep!)
This method allows for you order as many sizes, styles and colors as needed without worrying about what’s been charged to your card.
2. You can invest in pieces that suit your wardrobe. Since you’re trying everything on at home, you can see how each piece works with clothing and accessories from your existing wardrobe!
3. It’s a great option for virtual clients. The Reset Agency’s vast online database and ability to ship pieces directly to your home makes this service a convenient option for virtual styling services!
4. Perfect for preparing an Event Outfit. The Reset Agency offers many unique event pieces that you can try on with ample time to really figure out what look you’re going for.
5. Unbeatable selection of must-have pieces. The Reset Agency’s tasteful curation of brands include sought after it-brands, as well as up-and-coming treasures not available in store – giving you first pick of the pieces everyone wants, but no one will have.

Here are our 5 favorite hidden gems offered through The Reset Agency that are defined by their unique silhouettes and of-the-moment pieces you won’t want to miss out on!

5 of Our Favorites Brands You Haven’t Heard Of
Available Through the Reset Agency


Introducing Altuzarra; a dynamic luxury brand collection which offers unique everyday and workwear pieces cleverly teetering the line between “statement” and “basic”. These pieces are bold in cut and texture; yet coin high wearability in utilizing versatile low-profile colors.
Check out Altuzarra’s online collection here:


Introducing Arjé; the artisian brand that mastered the art of an iconic shearling jacket. These high-quality minimalist jackets are a must-have in every wardrobe.
Check out Arjé’s online collection here:


Introducing LAPOINTE; an explosive collection of feather, shine, texture and dramatic color! These unique event pieces and accessories offer pizazz in the form of feather cuffs, sequin jackets, silkie blazers and so much more.
Check out Lapointe’s online collection here:


Introducing Another Tomorrow; a fabulous collection of workwear pieces and knits that will usher your office wardrobe into the modern silhouettes of 2022.
Check out Another Tomorrow’s online collection here:


Introducing Deveaux; a collection of modern classic pieces for workwear and every day that cover flattering an impressive range of body shapes via sweeping, draped silhouettes and tasteful layers within their designs.
Check out Deveaux’s online collection here:

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