YELLOW! Boost Your Serotonin With Sun-Drenched Accessories

Incorporating yellow into your outfit is the closest it gets to wearing happiness on your sleeve!
Join us in welcoming summer with this brightly optimistic hue starting with easy-wear accessories and basic layers. 
We love working yellow back to blue-jean blues and white!

For an on-trend pairing, try wearing yellow accents and accessories with lavender, aqua, sunrise orange, magenta or kelly green. 


Seychelles Low Key Slide Sandals
Yellow Croissant Shoulder Bag
Gucci Eyewear Cat Eye Frame Sunglasses
Yellow Hair Barrettes
Bonnie Yellow Blazer
Betty Yellow Bucket Hat
Majana shell & 24kt gold-plated necklace
Canvas Tennis Sneakers
Colored Hoop Earring
The Juniper Zip Up Hoodie
Rib Narrow Basic Tank
Classic Wrap Belt
Yellow Sling Belt Bag
Yellow Tie Dye Socks
Yellow Pattern Hair Scarf Bandana
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