Wardrobe Tricks Your Mom Never Shared But Your Personal Stylist Did

 So Miss Meredith, my assistant, came across this post from WhoWhatWear the other day.  We chuckled our way through it then thought there were some great ideas worth sharing with YOU!  WWW listed 27 tips,  I’ve listed 7.  I’m keeping it short and sweet this Friday as Stylist Meg has been traveling like crazy and am on my way to Paris with my hunky husband sans kiddos.
I am dying to try this…nothing gets out perspirations stains…but maybe this will work??? 
I will test and advise.

We’ve all been here…need I say more.


Duh…why did I never think to do that????

Have a cocktail while you deodorize your clothes.  Perfection!

 I would spot test on this one…

I just did this for my trip to San Fran.  Worked like a charm.  
A Bientôt!
(I know there is supposed to be a grave over the ‘A’ but I cannot get it to work on my keyboard!)
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