Meg Packs for Paris: Where to go and What to Wear.

                          Meg Takes Paris by Storm

1.Centre Pompidou
This cultural landmark houses over 50,000 contemporary art exhibitions including a grand public library and event space.
Meg’s chosen piece for this museum venture is a multicolored tunic.
2.Le Bar
For a post Pompidou cocktail and light meal, head over to famous Le Bar at the four seasons in George V hotel. Le Bar’s interior is decorated in rich mahogany and cognac colored woods giving the space a nice intimate and Parisian feel. For this occasion, Meg will be packing a sexy and sophisticated  little black dress.
3.The Shakespeare and Co Bookshop
Opened by George Hemmingway, this bookshop originally doubled as a library, publisher and boarding house for a multitude of writers from the 19th century to present. Meg will most definitely be packing her eyeglasses.
4.Eiffel Tower
Erected in 1889, This iconic

tower is the tallest structure in Paris and the most-visited paid monument in the world. The view is spectacular but it can get pretty chilly that high up so Meg plans to bring a coat.

5.Le Fumoir
This delicious little bar restaurant is steps away from the Louvre museum. For being so close to tourist attractions, this place boasts a reasonably priced brunch and dinner menu. Meg’s chosen piece for this destination is a striped blazer. 

6.Marais Shopping
Said to have some of the best shopping in central paris, this neighborhood houses some of the best little Parisian boutiques such as Garrice. Meg plans to stay comfortable and fashionable in sneakers.
7.Le Derrière
This family apartment-style restaurant allows customers to choose different rooms to eat in that include lounge style, dining room, bedroom or boudoir. The simple French menu gives off a wholesome appeal. Meg’s bold necklace is bound to make a statement here.
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