Travel Essentials of a Personal Stylist

As a Personal Stylist, packing, for me, is an event all in itself especially when the destination is NYC. ♥ Daytime client appointments followed by a dinner meet-and-greet plus a Chelsea art opening and drinks with the girls?  
YES!  And…here’s a little peek into my daily travel essentials:
My I-can’t-live-without iPad – home of new blog posts & my personal Mobile Lookbook© – must, of course, have a to-die-for case.  I am absolutely living in my Aldo Wedge Sneakers and cannot stop loading my Baggu bag with Larabars & dark chocolate-covered pretzels.  I always have my Canon Rebel and a sketch pad/pencil ready for when inspiration strikes (which is, in New York, EVERYWHERE).  
Perricone keeps my sensitive skin soft and Helmut Lang keeps me warm whilst whizzing around on the NYC subways.  I can always count on this M by MJ umbrella to add a pop of color to a gloomy day and my fav Kenzo scarf for a much-needed texture boost.  These leather leggings make for a trouble-free transition from work to play and my New Yorker keeps me sane as I haul my (always filled-to-the-brim) suitcase in and out of town.  
I heart NY.
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