This is the Jewelry You Should Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

imagery courtesy of The Red Mystic.

Abby Maxam, The Red Mystic has been a client of Personal Stylist Meg Gallagher for the last 12 years.  She partnered with Natalya Hudis to create The Mystic Gems which combines Abby’s love of astrology and crystals and Natalya’s background in fine jewelry design. This post is the second guest post of The Red Mystic’s Zodiac Series on Madison to Melrose. For her first guest article, WHAT’S YOUR SIGN? YOUR LUCKY COLOR BASED ON BIRTH DATE, you can view the post here.

For pricing and additional information visit @themysticgems and DM to connect with the designers.

Explore your elements and adorn yourself in our mystic gems.

Personal Stylist Meg Gallagher is wearing Tiger’s Eye to help amplify her Earth element.

What is your element: Are you Water, Air, Fire or Earth?

Did you know that your birth chart offers insight on your elements? At the time of your birth, all 12 planets were in a specific sign, with each sign correlating to one of four elements — fire, air, water, and earth. Your unique elemental makeup gives clues to your strengths and weaknesses, how you behave, how you communicate, how you manage stress, and even how you express love.

The Mystic Gems was designed to help you harness the elemental energy of your chart by amplifying your strengths and cultivating the elements you’re lacking. Because life works best when everything is in balance.   

Discover your elements here:

***Tip: If you don’t know your exact time of birth, just enter 00 (12am). 

If you’re one of those people with an instinctive sense of your elements, feel free to skip this step and go to the ones that resonate the most. 


Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Strengths: Passion, Creativity,Freedom 

In your element: Fire people are creative and inspirational. You can energize a room and find passion in the smallest things. You move quickly and don’t let people hold you back. 

Your challenge: To not get too hot and burn yourself and others. If you do, simply tap into the element of water to cool you down and/or earth to slow the burn.

If you lack fire: You may have a hard time finding your inner power and strength. You may need others to motivate you, and you can second-guess your decisions. Wear the fire element to get fired up and access your power.

Carnelian: The stone of passion can light a flame in your sex life and embolden your creativity. This is the stone of motivation and endurance and will wake you up!

Red Rubellite: This semi-precious stone promotes self-confidence and diminishes fear. It attracts inspiration, prosperity, vitality, and strength.

Ruby: The ruby is considered the stone of energy, passion, power and vitality.

Fire charm: Want just a little spark? A fire charm will bring in courage, vitality, and spontaneity.


Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Strengths: Curiosity, Ideas, Connection

In your element: Air people are quick thinkers and extremely energized. Talking is your nourishment, but you can also listen and enjoy gathering ideas from others. Socializing and connection is a major theme for an air person. 

Your challenge: You can get lost in thoughts and overthink. If you do, simply tap into the earth element to help ground your thoughts and calm your mind and/or the water element to connect your thoughts to your heart.

If you lack air: You may have a hard time communicating your thoughts and be closed off to new ideas and people. You may find it difficult to change and pivot to a new way of thinking. If you need to welcome in the freshness of air, wear the air element close to your throat to open the lines of communication.

Turquoise: The stone of wisdom, hope, and protection, wear it close to your throat to speak your truth and share your authentic self.

Blue Topaz: Think of the sky when gazing at this beautiful stone, which soothes, stimulates, and enhances your truth. It’s a gem for helping with problem solving and expression.

Air charm: Need a little gust of wind? Add the Air charm to open your mind.

Blue Tanzanite: Our 14 K rose gold tanzanite ring with pave diamonds helps open your mind and voice and dissolve old patterns.


Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Strengths: Intuitive, Emotionally Connected, Empathetic

In your element: Water people can flow with their feelings, and have a huge capacity to connect to their emotions. They are compassionate, empathetic, and incredibly intuitive. Sensitivity is the gift of water. 

Your challenge: Your emotions can get stuck, and feelings become frozen. If so, just tap into the air element to allow for open communication and/or fire to heat up and move out stuck emotions.

If you lack water: It may be difficult to share your emotions with others and hard to connect to your intuition. Crying may be something you avoid at all costs. If you’d like to remind yourself that it’s healthy to express your depth and be comfortable with tears, wear the water element close to your heart.

Chrysocolla: The stone of the divine feminine supports tranquility, peace, and unconditional love. Most importantly, it helps you connect to your intuition, which is natural for water signs.

Blue Aquamarine: Like the vivid blue of the ocean, it’s a reminder to connect to your purity and allow the emotions to flow through your body like gentle waves. This stone can help calm the nerves and lead to serenity.

Water charm: Need a little splash of water? Add the water charm to allow yourself to connect to your emotions.

Kunzite: Our 14K rose gold ring with pave diamonds helps with self love and compassion. Kunzite allows one to be more receptive and opens the heart.


Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Strengths: Giving, Practical, Responsible

In your element: Earth people find it easy to stay organized, calm, and grounded. You enjoy the tangible and are connected to your body. You’re steady and a good leader. 

Your challenge: You can get lost in “shoulds” and feelings that you’re not enough. If you do, connect to the air and fire elements to allow for spontaneity and freedom.  

If you lack earth: It might be difficult for you to slow down and be present. You may have a hard time staying on task and being organized, and you can easily disconnect from your body and your senses. Wear the earth element to feel grounded and stable.

Tiger’s Eye: Wear this gemstone to feel the protecting power of the earth, which keeps you grounded and safe, and have the confidence to know that you can build a strong foundation and stay on track.

Emerald: This gem promotes peace, calm, and forgiveness. Like Mother Earth, it can allow you to give and receive in beautiful synergy.

Earth charm: Need a little reminder to slow down and enjoy the moment? Add the Earth charm to feel more calm and grounded.

Smoky Quartz: Our 14K gold smoky quartz ring surrounded by citrine is beautiful connection to earth.  Smoky quartz is associated with the root chakra and it is a stabilizing and grounding stone.

All pendants are made in 14k gold, each stone is hand picked and personalized based on your own elements. 

Play all out and layer all four elements to draw on the combined power of fire, air, earth, and water.. When it comes to the elements, there’s no such thing as too much mystic power. 

For Abby’s first installment in her Zodiac Series collab with Madison to Melrose, you can view the article here:

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