These Bralettes Are A Wardrobe Essential

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Have you ever found the perfect summer dress or lightweight summer top, only to find out that it’s totally see-through or low cut, and the only way to make it wearable is with a bralette??? Ugh!
If you’ve ever experienced the dread of trying to wear itchy, ill-fitting lacy bralettes in the hot summer, layered under an already complicated outfit… we’re feeling that pain with you. There are two things to note here. First, is that it’s always a good idea to have a comfortable and trustworthy bralette in your lingerie wardrobe to account for these kind of fashion emergencies. Second is that in trying to build your underwear wardrobe, there is NOTHING less exciting than trying on a bunch of itchy bras!!! So we’re going to go ahead and take the guesswork out of the way for you. Skip everywhere else, you have GOT to try out Cosabella’s bralettes.

Why are Cosabella’s Bralettes so amazing? Here’s the thing. These bralettes are made for ALL sizing, petite through plus size. This includes full busted women and small bust! We love all the shapes offered, which allows you to fill your need on support and cut. There are SO many colors to choose from, and if you’re not a big fan of lace they even have plenty of bralettes that forego all the netting. It’s practically impossible to leave Cosabella’s site empty-handed. Their bralette stock is so diverse that there’s a piece in their collection for everybody.

Once your world is opened up to Cosabella’s amazing bralettes, you’ll realize that it’s not just bralettes they carry. Their wide range of sizing and comfort extends to bodysuits, thongs and underwear too.

Meg is an avid believer in having a strong foundation for your outfits. In order to look your very best in your clothes, you have to first have the right bras, underwear and shape wear. With thin fabrics and few layers, it’s no secret that summer is the time when your undergarments matter most! That’s why Meg is offering an exclusive coupon code to her readership for 10% off your Cosabella Purchase. Copy and paste the code below for a sweet discount on these essential pieces for your wardrobe!


So what are you waiting for? Shop their entire site collection here, as well as some our favorite pieces from their collection hand-picked below.

Some of our Favorite Pieces from Cosabella

Allure Curvy Plunge Bralette
Never Say Never Ultra Curvy Racie Racerback Bralette
Ceylon Modal Bralette
Michi Bralette
Never Say Never Spaghetti Strap Sweetie Bralette
Free Cut Micro Bandeau Bra
Pret A Porter Bralette
Never Say Never Ultra Curvy Plungie Longline Bralette
Never Say Never Petite Sweetie Bralette

If you like what you see but need a professional’s opinion, check out my 2022 Summer Styling Services here. When it comes to your wardrobe, the right undergarments really do make all the difference. These are the pieces that change how your clothes fit, and make or break your outfit. Make your underwear wardrobe a priority today! Email me to schedule a call by pressing the button below.

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