The How To: of Parisian Chic- Street Style of Rue Saint Martin & the Marais

Diana Vreeland once said, 

“To have style you have to be born in Paris.”

and after my latest trip I feel there is truth in this quote.  
How DO Parisians achieve this laid-back, effortless style????  

I have complied a short list of how to achieve this très cool frenchness.
•  Minimal Makeup & Natural Hair
•  Minimal Accessories- Less is More
•  Navy and Black is a very ‘French’ color combination- so chic to wear 
instead of all black
•  A Stripe Tee
•  Flats & Flat Sandals are worn by true french gamines– Parisians walk everywhere!
•  Low Heels- never sky high, always with a sense of elegance and practicality
•  The Trench- EVERYONE owns one in Paris
• A Scarf- worn by men and women
•  Ride a bike!

The husband and I spent a beautiful Sunday in Paris exploring the canals of Rue Saint Martin and indulging in the cafe culture of the Marais.  Sunday is a true day of rest for Parisians.  Everyone was out; walking the flea markets, shopping, drinking and eating.  Chic relaxation at its finest.
Here is some of the style we saw:
photo courtesy of
She is french perfection.  Beautiful, minimal, elegant and on a bike!
photo courtesy of
Love his pattern mix.  Très cool yet effortless.
photo courtesy of
The scarf!  Or should I real say, The crossbody bag!!!
photo courtesy of
Elegance.  Men do it so well in Paris.
photo courtesy of
The quintessential chic couple.  His shorts and her accessories were coordinated.  Incroyable!
There is so much more to share from our travels.  
I hope these pics get you planning your own trip to Paris.
Happy Friday!
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