Top Trends of Fall 2016 Couture

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Its always fun to watch how trends translate form couture down to fast fashion.  Last week the Fall 2016 couture shows ended in Paris.  Vogue defined the season with 9 strong trends.  My guess is that this fall we will see loads of empire waists in high street fashion dresses and tops (a favorite silhouette of mine!).  The suit has been having a resurgence so let’s see how much of the 40’s strong shouldered 2-piece will be hitting the streets this autumn.  Metallics always rule!  I predict 
golden threading in more casual as well as evening fabrics.  
Keep an eye out for these fall directives in store or create your own by accessorizing, embellishing tying and wrapping!
Empire Waists 
40’s Suit Silhouettes with Strong Shoulders
Feathered Fabrics & Details
Golden Threading 
Exaggerated Hoop Earrings
Floral Embellishments
Mythical Landscapes Patterns 

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