Swimwear Trends You’ll Definitely Want to Wear in 2023

women's swimwear trends 2023

Why 2023 Swimwear Trends Are A Win for Women… Hint: Extremely Flattering In anticipation of Labor Day Weekend, we’re detailing all things SWIM! Personal Stylist Meg Gallagher loves buying summer swimwear, resort wear and beach pieces end-of-season to capitalize on steep discounts and favorable holiday sales. In sunny Los Angeles, purchasing end-of-season still gives plenty of opportunities to rock your new swimsuits well into October, while also building an affordable…

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What to Wear on a Beach Vacation, Outfit Ideas in 2023

beach vacation outfit ideas in 2023

It’s ALL about beach outfit ideas this week! Summer’s setting in, vacations are coming up, and let’s not forget the recent mermaidcore craze in response to Disney’s most recent blockbuster, The Little Mermaid. Whether your swimsuit is already spoken for or you’re due for an entire swimwear upgrade, we’ve compiled the latest and greatest in all-encompassing coverups, beach-ready separates and resort worthy swimwear that will help you create your complete…

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From Swim to Shore! The Post-Swim Outfit

There’s nothing like a fabulous swimwear outfit to give us confidence and excitement for our next pool or beach visit! We’re showing you how to pair a neutral suit, color suit and pattern suit into an outfit that you can wear pre and post-swim!!! The “Easy-Wear, Easy-Pair” Neutral Suit Having a neutral base swimsuit is easy to pass off as a tank top for a pre or post-swim outing! Pair…

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Minimalist Swimsuits You Can Wear on Repeat

With the holiday weekend approaching, the minimalist swimsuits we’ve seen trending feels SO relevant to our situation. Every purchase we’re making right now is careful and deliberate – With public spaces opening and closing each day, we don’t want to risk buying anything we may not get a chance to wear!We want the pieces that can transcend time, be worn creatively and will last throughout several seasons. We’re all about…

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15 Vacation Essentials

Mix and match these 15 Vacation Essentials for easy-to-pair pieces that style together in 5+ outfits. Need some help styling your vacation wardrobe? Contact Meg or check out her styling services here. SHOP ESSENTIALS:…

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