Swap Your Sweats for Beach Pants

As we’re headed into June, sweatpants don’t look as friendly as they once were. Hot and heavy fabrics leave your go-to bottoms to be the very damper on your day they once helped you escape! A lighter, breezier alternative, The Beach Pant, leaves us the same versatile comfort with a season-friendly bend. This is the piece that will take the edge off of getting dressed, allowing you to sit and move comfortably through the warmer months. We’re talking pants with an easy waist band, lighter colors and looser fits in airy fabrics like linen or cotton. Pair this piece with a body suit, crop top, tee or oversized button up for a smart mix of relaxed simplicity and summer fun.

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Summer Beach Pants

Tropical Print Wide Leg Pant
Satin Wide Leg Pant
Marina Low Rise Pants
Cabo Linen Wide Leg Pant
Emanuela Pants Leopard Pants
Hailee Sweater Set
Feelin’ Good Utility Pull-On Pants
Ten More Sleeps Pants
Pattern Blue Balloon Pants
Cotton Pants With Wrapped Seams
Relaxed Cotton Linen Pants
Semi Sweet Pants

Nili Lotan Shon Pants
Suits You Set
OneTeaspoon Drawstring Pants
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