Reigning Men Costume Exhibit at LACMA

We know that NYC kicks LA to the curb when it comes to costume exhibits, BUT I have to say that the Reigning Men exhibit at LACMA gave The Met’s latest exhibit a run for its money…

Below is a photo montage from Reigning Men highlighting men’s fashion and it influences through the ages. My favorites were the French court styles from the 18th century. The gold and silver metallic embroideries that donned coats and vests were heavy in weight as well as detail and showcased the fashion formality and intricacy of the time period. 

My boys loved the Japanese, Tonbi.  A very fashionable coat/cape with enlarged armholes to fit kimono sleeves worn in the early 20th century. How cool that Tonbi means black hawk in Japanese. Take a look through and let me know which were your faves. I’ve included the museum label of each costume for accurate details, designers and time periods.

If you live in LA or are visiting before August 21st, I highly suggest you check out LACMA. The entrance fee of $25 (kids are free if the have NextGen passes) covers the Reigning Men exhibit, the Robert Mapplethorpe retrospective and Physical: Sex and the Body in the 1980’s, (an installation from the LACMA’s permanent collection that supports the Mapplethorpe show). The latter 2 exhibits are quite provocative and I am pretty sure they freaked my boys…but isn’t that what art is all about!  





















Love this!









Pardon any shadows or blurry images.  Viewing a costume exhibit with two boys required speed….

Happy Friday,

Meg x

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