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What does your style project?  Is the projection what you are trying to achieve? Maybe you have never wondered what your STYLE says to the world.  If not, WHY
Everyone considers what another thinks of them based on the looks, words or actions they receive. How does this feel?  Do you shy away wondering what they could possibly be looking at?  Or does this reaction to your appearance only increase confidence knowing you feel satisfied and happy with the way you look?

When I consult with a client, we discuss COLORING, body type, lifestyle, goals, likes/dislikes  and, of course, personality.  All of these build a blueprint to the individual style of the client.  Much like an architect maps out all the details of a building before bringing out the construction crew, as a stylist, I need to create a client profile and strategic plan based on all these factors to determine who the person is and how in line it is with how they want to be perceived.  Some people know their style and feel comfortable with it, but may want to build upon it.  Others have no clue, often times following friends or colleagues, their fav celeb or whatever recent trends have surfaced.  
Are you being perceived the way you would like to be?  
You CAN & these questions can help…   
Are you wearing the right colors?  
The wrong colors can age you, point blank.  Who wants that?  Find out if you are a cool or a warm and what your best neutral colors are.  This is especially essential for both men and women suitings.

Which styles are most flattering for your body type?  
Genetics are uncontrollable, but EVERY body type has an area someone else is envious of.  Are you an hourglass, inverted triangle or triangle?   Stop blaming your body and start shopping for your assets.  Everyone has strengths, play them up! 

Do your clothes actually fit you?
A well-fitted garment can shave 10lbs off you.  This is true!  Many people dread having clothing tailored.  Yes, it does take effort to add this to your overflowing list of to-do’s or even find a reputable tailor, but an ill-fitting garment (you know, the one you’ve tried on a hundred times…that almost fits?) is worth a thousand words.  And, not the nice ones.  Take the time to care! The compliments in your near future are always worth it.

Are your clothes in style?  
This is especially important in business.  Wearing clothes that are out of date says that you are resistant to change and not current.  The modern work place is a multi-tasking environment.  Be a part of it.

Are you investing in a wardrobe to support your lifestyle or are you shopping for a life you wish you had?  

The number one challenge for most of my clients is that they do not have a wardrobe that supports their everyday life.  People tend to put their money into event clothes.  Not that this is wrong, but why spend half your rent money on a wedding outfit that you will only wear a few times when the same amount can get you into a weekend-wear or business wardrobe you get to show off regularly.  Think cost-per-wear whenever you make a purchase.  Look good every day, not just once a year.

Are you the ‘uniform wearer’?  
This is a gray zone for me.  Ugh!  For some, their uniform is their style.  Think Karl Lagerfled or Steve Jobs.  For others, it’s the inability to make the effort or fear of change (ding, ding, ding!).  Dive outside your comfort zone (ahem…me too) and introduce new colors and silhouettes to your wardrobe.  

Do you accessorize?  
It’s the easiest way to define your style.   It projects that you are creative with an attention for detail.  Accessorizing does not mean abundance–it means enhancement.  Go for it!

Do you maintain grooming?  
A stylish haircut and color.  The proper undergarments and polished shoes.  Make-up application and manicured nails.  Yes, these are details and require time but they really DO make a difference.  Tight budget?  Cover those roots in minutes, perfect your at-home mani and take the world by storm.  Toss aside those thoughts of vanity and know you are simply caring enough about yourself to make the effort.

Do you care for your clothing properly?  
Think about it.  How many times have you thrown on the blazer to perfect your morning outfit only to be reminded of the gaping hole where the button hole use to be?  Or the coffee stain that just will not budge?  Get it fixed!  These pieces are taking up valuable closet space and not earning their keep.  Set a day aside, take them in and just wait for the feelings of confidence to rise.
We think about image projection when we are making changes or transitions. 
Are you looking for a new job, switching careers or looking to meet someone new? Having dinner with an important client or meeting your significant other’s family for the first time?  Use the keys above and project the confident, intelligent beauty that is YOU! 
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