5 Ways to Modernize Your Man’s Style

Ryan Gosling
We swoon, we hope and we pray our men will look like Mr. Gosling.  He (and his stylist) have nailed men’s style.  The fit of his clothes are impeccable.  He takes risks, yet always looks comfortable in the clothing.  He is wearing his clothes rather than the clothes wearing him.  And, swoon again.  Okay.  Here’s how to add a little of this to your man’s look, ummmm…pronto.
The Rise of the Well Dressed Man, featured in NY Mag is a must read!  Chuck every predisposed notion about men, fashion and being stylish.  Today’s modern man is all 3 and more.  Did the Willy-burg hipsters help put wearable, unique men’s style back on the map?  Yes.  Are they single-handedly responsible for creating a generation of males with stylishly-curated wardrobes?  Well, no. Nevertheless, a great place to start…
#1: Fit
Band of Outsiders Sport Jacket
The new fit is narrow (not oversized) in blazers, jackets and suitings.  The cut sits on the shoulder and is slim through the torso and sleeve.  The jacket should hit at mid-to-low hip (not mid-thigh like the 1990’s 3-button cuts).   Men that switch to the slim fit are always asked if they have lost weight (always a plus!) and the rule-of-thumb is that one should not be able to throw a football in a blazer (which…hopefully, your guy is not currently trying out in the store).  
#2: Color 
Canali Striped Polo Shirt

It’s everywhere.  We’ve seen it.  We love it.  Men avoid it.  Fear of looking too feminine? Get over it.  His inner Well-Dressed Man is in there somewhere and color may be just the energetic, vibrant ticket to make it all come to life. Whether in a polo (above), patterned shirting, or skinny chino, just take the plunge and buy some color….NOW.

#3: Layering  

Classic Layering – J. Crew
GQ Street Style
It takes a bit of practice, but why not?  Layer a vest over your shirt and tie.  Add a fine-threaded cardigan between the jacket and tailored shirt.  Layering adds texture and color to outfits creating interest.  Perfect for transitional spring weather, colder temperatures and those inevitable 12-hour days.  Simply layer up in the morning and night while shedding layers during the day as needed.
#4: Slim Dark Denim

Levi’s 505 Slim Fit Selvedge – Mr. Porter
Not skinny, just slim.  Nooooothing for them to be nervous about.  The length should break just over the top of the shoe.  Cuffing (must show the ankle bone) is an option although beware as this can ‘cut the leg’ losing the long, lean slim-cut line.  A dark wash is a flattering, easy wear and is works for casual, business or social.   Try a selvedge denim for the cleanest of clean hemlines.
#5: The Brogue

Want a way to bring it all together?  The brogue is the shoe of choice.  Wear it classic with a suit to the office or sophisticated-casual with (slim-cut) denim and a knit. Brown works with everything and is less harsh than black.  A variation to consider is the wingtip, characterized by a ‘wing-tip’ toecap and decorative perforations.  Any way you shake it, this should be next on his list. 
In the movement of stylish men everywhere, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.  I can help!  Send your inquiries (or pics of Mr. Gosling) here and let’s give those Willy-burg hipsters a run for their money.
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