Modern Heirlooms: A Symbolic Take on Mother’s Day Jewelry

For many of us, Mother’s Day will be a quieter celebration this year. Which leaves one to wonder, what does a show of appreciation look like at a time of social distancing?
We find a comforting message in symbolic treasures. We think of a monumental piece that can be worn daily – A unique modern heirloom that redefines a tee and jeans, or becomes the crowning addition to a simple slip dress. We love how a charming pendant or bracelet embodies a token of gratitude that can be cherished for years to come.
Here are some of our favorite pieces under $400 that speak to the perfect balance of stand-out accessories and a trusted base piece. 

how to wear jewelry
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chain necklace
Tales Of The Sea Necklace in Gold
coin necklace
24K Gold-Plated Necklace
chain bracelet
The Selva Oscura bracelet
beautiful earrings
24K Gold-Plated And Pearl Earrings
amulet necklace
The Woven Tapestry Amulet 24K Gold-Plated Bronze Necklace
designer chain jewelry
The Anchor in the Storm Bracelet
gold ring
Florentine Echo 24K Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Ring
mothers day gift under 400
The Paolo And Francesca necklace
silver coin bracelet
Chain Pendant Bracelet
pearl necklace
The Pegasus And The Dusky Hue 24K Gold-Plated Necklace
infinity jewelry
Orbit Of The Writer 24K Gold-Plated Hoop Earrings
gold pendant necklace
Amphora Amulet Pendant
gold earrings
The Creator 24K Gold-Plated Earrings
trending necklace
Saint Christopher Necklace in Gold
summer jewelry
The Flame earrings
summer accessories
Il Leone bracelet
mothers day gift ideas
diamond necklace
pearl gold necklace
charm necklace
layered necklace
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