Booze Traveler Jack Maxwell’s Wardrobe Styled by Meg Gallagher

   Booze Traveler on The Travel Channel Jack Maxwell’s Wardrobe Styled by Meg Gallagher

Check Out Travel Channel’s Show: Booze Traveler

“Jack takes a moment to take in the view from the docks on the island of Bozcaada”
“Jack and Gerhard in the scenic Austrian forest, sharing small boot- glass shots of Zirben”
“A toast is raised at the hut party, a gathering for dinner lakeside amid the beautiful Austrian scenery”
“Jack learns how to distill Icelandic moonshine known as Landi”
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  • Unknown

    What boots is he wearing? I've been trying to figure out what they are?

  • Theresa Novak

    I love Jack's grey wool sweater on the Scotland episode of Booze Traveler. Was is one of a kind? If not, would you tell me how to get one for my hubby?

  • Stanley Hitchcock

    They're Timberland Earthkeepers. Very sharp looking boots.

  • Dave Gebhardt

    I have been trying to find the answer to the two questions posted above. Would love to know.

  • Mucksiegooma

    I too would like to get a sweater like the one in the Scotland episode. Can someone help me out as to where to buy one?

  • Unknown

    They look a lot like timberland earthkeepers…. I have a pair…

  • Stanley Hitchcock

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • MegGallagher

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • MegGallagher from two seasons ago but still up on site last I checked.

  • MegGallagher

    Apolis Global has wonderful sweaters and jackets. Jack's shawl collar sweater is from them two seasons ago.

  • MegGallagher

    Hi Dave, He wears Timberland earth keepers and Apolis Global boiled wool shawl collar sweater cardigan from two seasons ago.

  • Stephen Dronen

    Hi Meg, I'm trying to figure out what two articles of clothing are: (1) the navy blue hooded jacket with leather patch on sleeve worn in many episodes (Fjallraven?), (2) frequently seen khakis that are in an interesting shade of brown. Do you remember what these are? Thanks!

  • buchanan8599

    Meg, what kind of navy jacket has jack been wearing in his cold weather outings? As seen in the Icelandic screenshot above.

  • buchanan8599

    Meg/Anyone, do you know what type of (navy) jacket he wears during cold weather outings? Thought it was fjallraven, but it doesn't match up! It can be seen above in the Icelandic screenshot and was worn again in a recent episode to Africa (Tanzania I believe)?


  • Me

    Hey Meg – LOVE the gray shirt that Jack is wearing in the Bozcaada episode – I think he wears this in more episodes too – what brand is it?

  • Me

    where is Jack's Gray long sleeve button down shirt from – from the island of Bozcaada

  • MegGallagher

    Hi! I believe you are speaking of his flannel worker button down shirt by Apolis Global Citizen!

  • MegGallagher

    Hi Stephen,
    His dark blue puffer hooded down jacket is by
    Ralph Lauren and his pants are by Apolis Global Citizen!

  • MegGallagher

    Hi Chris,
    His dark blue puffer hooded down jacket is by Ralph Lauren!

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