How To Build a Jewelry Wardrobe- Secrets of an Accessorized Stylist

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A key question I ask every new client is ‘do you like jewelry?  If yes, do you actually wear it?  If no, why not?’  Most people love jewelry, whether they prefer minimal and dainty or huge and glamourous.  The challenge is that most dont know what pieces to buy, where to buy it or what is appropriate to spend on it.  So…I thought I would layout my system of how to build a bauble collection that will compliment your style.

Step 1: Buy the B A S I C S
The basics are considered key pieces you would wear everyday.  Maybe you would layer them or just wear on their own.  Sticking to your key metals colors of silver, gold, brass or pewter you can create a foundation of pieces which can then me mixed together.

Key silhouettes are:
• 2 special but easily wearable necklaces
• 1 bangle or cuff
• 1 dainty bracelet
• 1 pair of stud earrings (diamond or pearl studs are timeless and a girl’s best friend)
• 1 pair of dangle earrings in your main metal color
• 1 ring or set of stackable rings

Try these fab lines for innovative everyday pieces that can then be layered together to create statement looks.

Zoetik– Dainty hipster pieces using hypo-allergenic materials.  This line is a must for any wardrobe as they offer new collections online every month.  Quality, thoughtful pieces at a price.

Hermatite Horizontal Twist Pendant Necklace

K/ller–  These are key pieces for the edgy rocker gal with a rebellious spirit.  Their designs are the perfect companion to leather or a diaphanous dress.   I adore this line and its wicked cool to layer (see their lookbook!).

Brass Distressed Leather Hoop w/ Blackened Petal

Step 2:  Layer in Texture & Color
Add color, texture and size.  This second layer of jewelry should have more dimension and the pieces should speak for themselves (they could also be layered with your basics).  Continuity of jewelry style will make the pieces more wearable and relatable to your clothing, shoes and other accessories.

Bauble Bar A spirit filled jewelry line with a large assortment and guilt-free prices- a fave resource of Rachel Zoe.  BB is the perfect line to help expand your jewelry collection whether your style is whimsical or hard edged.

Black Block Ring

Edie Borgo–  Angular, chunky and wickedly cool, I love this line for its super modern design aesthetic that fuses high-end and street in every piece.  A collection to drool over but sadly comes at a price…

Edie Bangle

Step 3:  Top it Off With Ornamentation
The third and final layer are the knock down drag out over top pieces.  An ornamentation piece is the star of your outfit.  Wearing an LBD with a huge gold collar necklace or 4″ teardrop earrings are the jaw droppers that will receive compliments and define your jewelry style.

Tom Binns– This award winning, veteran jewelry designer is known for his unique, elegant and anti-conformist style.  He is a fave of Beyonce and Michelle O.  A line worth perusing and adding pieces to your wish list.

Pearls in Peril 
Maiyet–  Striking, organic and sensual collection that is not to be missed.  An innovative company that sources from global artisans while encouraging training and partnerships in such countries as Colombia, Kenya and Peru.  
Amazon Journey Bracelet
Step 4: O R G A N I Z I N G!!
Building a jewelry wardrobe would not be complete without knowing how to organize, store and display your pieces.  Click here to learn some fun tricks and tips on how to maximize your storage space and better utilize your collection.  Start wearing what you own!
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Building a jewelry wardrobe takes time, a bit of money and inspiration.  Traveling is a great time to pick up pieces.  Travel pieces are always unusual and represent a milestone in your life.  Sales are another perfect time to snatch up some coveted pieces that are normally out of your price range.  Regardless of when and how much, jewelry is an extension of your personality and personal style.  Make the effort to define and curate as jewelry is always something to pass from generation to generation.
Happy collecting!
M xo

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