Finding Your Perfect RED

In mastering a thematic red look for Valentine’s Day, it is essential to first choose the right red. While anyone can look great in TRUE red; the reality is that most red pieces are a variation of either cool or warm tones. The easiest way to navigate your ideal colorway is to first figure out what season you are!
A guide to discovering your seasonal palette can be found HERE.

Once you’ve identified your season, then check out which reds we love for YOUR color palette below!


Vibrant orange-reds like Poppy and Geranium, as well as bright Watermelon, Coral, Strawberry and Tomato reds will create a flattering pop of color on Spring palettes!

Just Float On Red Flare Jeans
St. Tropez Dress Watermelon Red
Jacquemus Le Chiquito Moyen Bag
Bright Red Cardigan
Red Poppy Bikini Top
Tomato Red Silk Slipper Mules
Chapmin Espadrille Sneakers


Like a Spring palette, you will want to gravitate towards warmer hues! Rather than clear bright colors however, an Autumn pulls off softer, deeper shades. Rust, Terracotta, Brick, Tomato and Flame are all Fall-palette winners!

Ulla Johnson Milla Top
Franco Waxton Block Heel Bootie
Acne Studios Terracotta Red Trench
Sulema Knee High Boot
Rhiannon Essentials Bias Midi Slip Dress
Brick Red Dress Romper
Luxe Triangle Bra


A Summer palette is best complimented by cool toned reds that hint back to pink and plum! Ripe and soft colors like Berry, Juicy Cherry, Raspberry, and shades of Wine are fabulous for this palette!

Raspberry Khloe Crepe Ruched Blazer
Raspberry Prose Skirt
Bordeaux Leather Knee Boot
Cherry Plunge Bra
Veja Sneakers in Marsala
Raspberry Ruby Lace Jacket
Bellini Wrap Heels


High-contrast and bright berry tones like Crimson, Claret-Wine, Burgundy and Raspberry help create the dramatic color needed to compliment a Winter palette! For added vibrancy, try true red!

Daphne Bow Slipper in Crimson
Deep Chili Rebecca Taylor Tee
Nador Wine Flounce Satin Slip Skirt
V-Neck Sleeveless Silk Tank Top in Claret
Berry Ankle Boots
Mia gathered stretch-silk satin and georgette midi dress
Holly Berry Rib Crop Top

Want more looks tailored to your unique color palette? Contact Meg for her winter wardrobe styling services!

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