Does Your Closet Have Poor Self Esteem?

A closet full of clothes & nothing to wear…

“Oh, I’ll just hold on to these jeans till I lose the 10 or 15lbs…then I can wear them.” 

“I’d rather wear the clothes that don’t fit than buy new clothes in a bigger size, 
because I AM going to lose the weight.”

“I am holding onto the clothes that are too big now, JUST in case I go back up in weight…”

“I have to keep these size 4 jeans, they’re from my senior year in high school (1989)…REALLY?’

I’ve heard all of these. I spend a lot of time in people’s closets; learning about their lives, their likes, dislikes and personal style.  And I find that many people punish themselves by keeping clothes in their closet that just do not fit.  So what’s a person to do:

1.  You’re not alone!
Believe me, you are in the MINORITY if you’ve got a workable, I-love-everything closet.  Most people are challenged to have the basics covered let alone the special pieces to pop outfits.

2. Stop punishing yourself.

It’s happened.  You’ve gained a few pounds.  So, stop torturing yourself already.  Get those seriously un-motivating pieces of the past out of your closet and into storage.  Because, despite the 6’s being tight, you’re still amazing and deserve a wardrobe that makes you feel that way every day.

3. It takes time.

This is not a one day project!  Owning a closet full of clothes that really supports every facet of your lifestyle (think: office, weekends, nights out & vaca) is an ongoing process that takes work and a certain amount of accountability.  When I start with a client, I ask them about each item they own: “Do you wear it?” “Does it fit?”  “Is it flattering?”  and lastly, “Is it in style?”  These questions will help cut through the clutter and get to the base level of your wardrobe.

4.  The Drop-off.
By this point we’re probably knee-deep in giant black garbage bags and you’ve about had it with this whole decision-making thing.  Gotcha.  Go solo or grab a friend and take those old clothes to your storage space, the Goodwill or your fav local buy-sell-trade vintage shop (ala: Wasteland, Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange) and make room for a closet you will love.

6. Let’s get down to business.

Once we’ve eliminated the too big, too small, unflattering, TOTALLY out of style or not lifestyle appropriate pieces, we make a shopping list.  Do you have the basics? Special pieces? Accessories?  If not, write it down.  Then, we’ll shop with the list IN HAND and buy ONLY from the list.  I’ll help keep you on track so you don’t impulsively buy yet another cute top because it’s on sale. We’ll buy the jeans that you desperately need but are nervous to try on.  Fill the holes in your closet.  Let’s work toward a balanced wardrobe.

7. Moving forward.  Styling.
With a shopping trip or two under our belt, we are now ready to style outfits.  We’ll talk about where you go; everyday, every week, where you travel for work, go on date nights or business dinners.  Create outfits that will solve to these occasions.  Know what shoes, accessories and jacket you will wear with each outfit.  This up front work will make getting dressed in the morning or for an event stress free.  No more standing in closet, freaking out having no idea what to wear…

8. Time to celebrate!
Do we realize how important our clothing is to our confidence, posture and self-esteem?  Clothing acts as a shield between us and the outside world.  Covet and protect our wardrobe self-esteem by taking care of ourselves.  A well-fitting wardrobe will do wonders.  Trust me.  I help with this transformation every single day.  Give yourself the gift of happiness when you open your closet doors…


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