Nobody needs new clothes right now, But everyone needs the right clothes.

Nobody needs new clothes right now. But everyone needs the right clothes. So get excited about Alex Mill, a timeless brand that focuses on day-to-day men’s and women’s styles that are designed to last in your wardrobe for years to come. Their classic silhouettes remain forward with a modern color palette in sustainable dyes. We love the inclusive sizing that ranges from XS-XXL in most women’s styles, and XS-XL in men’s! With an approachable price point, you can easily buy a few pieces to build your closet for Fall without breaking the bank.
Live in New York? Alex Mill has a shop in Soho NYC on Mercer between Broome and Spring! Private Appointments are available for distanced shopping.
Check out our favorite Men’s & Women’s pieces for Fall below.

Work Jacket in Fine Wale Corduroy
Mill Blazer in Rugged Corduroy
Garment-Dyed Work Jacket
Garment-Dyed Work Jacket
Chore Shirt in Flannel
Rugged Cord Pleated Pant
Pull-On Button Fly Pant
Natural Dye Button-Down in Botanical Faded Citron
Standard Pleated Pant in Chino
Field Shirt in Garment-Dyed Paper Cotton
Natural Dye Tee in Botanical Faded Plum
Standard Polo in Slub Cotton
Natural Dye Shirt in Botanical Gray
Cardigan Sweater in Ribbed Cotton
Frankie Blazer in Rugged Corduroy
Ruffle Shirt in Paper Cotton
Midi Skirt in Paper Cotton
Short Jumpsuit in Cotton Twill
Short Expedition Jumpsuit
Britt Work Jacket in Upcycled Denim
Standard Jumpsuit
Ollie Overall in Upcycled Denim
Patrick Pant in Upcycled Denim
Britt Work Jacket
Casual Men's Style Women's Style
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